Enjoying cannabis

My Experience and Relationship with Cannabis

The more people talk about their cannabis use, the more the world opens up to do more research about it. And the more scientific research and studies that are done, the more people can come to benefit from the health/medicinal (as well as recreational) benefits of it. Cannabis is obviously not for everyone, but it should definitely be everyone’s own choice to use it if they wish to do so, just like with any other substances/stimulants/medicines we use, such as alcohol, caffeine, and prescription drugs. Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle but it’s important to use to with respect and clear intention so that the relationship stays healthy.

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Perimenopause relief: Cannabis

Cannabis can help with perimenopause issues. So many women are suffering needlessly with issues that cannabis can help relieve. When your health is compromised or challenged, you do whatever you can to help heal yourself, and every woman (and person) should have the right to use cannabis if it helps them. Cannabis is an ancient medicinal plant and it’s pretty incredible what it can treat and even cure/heal completely. The menopause years should be an empowering time for women, and I know it can be!

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