live a self-empowered life

Give yourself the things you seek and want from the world and other people

For as long as you’re dependent on the world, things, and other people to make you feel happy, safe, and at peace, you’re never going to attain the real sense of inner peace, or true happiness, and the kind of internal safety and security that money can never buy. When you yourself can meet your own needs (and you can), you will become free as the unbounded soul that you were born to be. Then it no longer matters what the world does or how other people see you or what they think of you.

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Giving too much in relationships

“I read your article about Aloneness and after wondering all my life of 70 years, I feel that I seem to have found an answer to why I don’t connect or turn everyone away from becoming friends, even family members. I have always felt at odds with this part of my life. What could my soul be holding on to that turns people away from me and what changes do I need to make within myself to overcome it?”

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The more YOU you are, the more magical life becomes

The more you move into alignment with who you really are, the more magical life becomes. Today I invite you to live in the magical flow of your unique existence by stepping into your own innate power and self-confidence. Experiment with this today and watch the world transform before your eyes!

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