Flow Alignment 2020

Message from the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Coming into Alignment with the flow of Life

This is such a pivotal time in history. Massive growth and awakening has a chance to accelerate right now, like never before. We’re in a small, short window of time with rapid change and transformation, and choosing to get yourself in harmony with what is unfolding right now is what will help you move forward to the new that is being born. Whatever happens on the outside has no say when you’re anchored (to the divine flow) on the inside.

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A consciousness shift is taking place globally (coronavirus crisis)

There is an awakening taking place, and the Coronavirus crisis is part of the transformational process. The old ways are crumbling and won’t work anymore, and the lockdown and quarantine period right now will either push people more into ego, or more into alignment with who they really are and the flow of Life. What direction and path will you choose to increase your connection to?

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You are NOT powerless!

The Truth that sets you free is that you are not powerless – You are POWERFUL! Our life is an expression of the ideas we’ve accepted as true within our…

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