Self-awareness articles by Maria Erving

Self-Awareness Articles

With the ego you move slow (or not at all/you stay on one level of consciousness) and life seem full of struggle, but when you choose to go with the flow, you’ll continuously progress and grow. Self-awareness is the key to progress and continuous growth in life. Here’s some of my articles that can help you increase your self-awareness.

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Break free from the ego voice in your head

How is the inner voice of the false self speaking to you and how do you respond to it? Are you argumentative, challenging, or submissive? Becoming aware of the voice and your response to it will help you dis-identify from it. There’s no need to allow it to affect you in negative ways anymore. Here’s how you can begin to free yourself from the ego voice in your head.

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Life is a Mind Game

How to win the game of life: Instead of asking yourself what you can do about something, ask yourself how you can think about it, and then think only of…

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