Making mistakes is part of being human, let go of regrets

Do not Waste One More Moment in Regret

By letting your mind pull you back to the past and the mistakes you made you’re only reinfecting yourself and making your point of power to be based in the past, which always only disempowers and weakens you. To be able to move forwards as an empowered human being, awareness is needed, and when you have that, you also have the choice to either wallow in regret and kick yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, or you can use your free will to learn from it and prevent other similar things to happen in the future by doing the exercise described in this article.

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You are NOT powerless!

The Truth that sets you free is that you are not powerless – You are POWERFUL! Our life is an expression of the ideas we’ve accepted as true within our…

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My First 10 Short Blogs

Let me know how you like them!  Here they are: Introducing “Short Blogs” Want More Synchronicity In Life? Spiritual Information Overload (Get Unstuck) The Truth Will Set You Free [Trust]…

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