|I have a crush on you", how to stop obsessing about someone

How do I stop fantasizing about someone?

“Hi Maria, Firstly, thank you so much for everything you do here. You have helped me more than anyone else on the internet on my spiritual unfolding and I am very grateful for it. The latest obstacle I’ve encountered in my journey is that I’ve fallen in love with someone I barely know and who lives on the other side of the world with a partner. I’ve never loved anyone this much before, and so much of my time is spent in romantic fantasies about her, envisaging our future life together, all the truth and beauty that this appears to promise. I can feel my inner self telling me that it..”

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When you stop struggling and working against yourself, everything comes to you naturally and quickly

The core of all spiritual teachings says that abundance and true fulfillment comes from connecting and aligning with the fundamental force behind all reality and to come to a realization that this force is within us and ultimately is us. There is no need to struggle in life. Doors will begin to open up for you, synchronicities will happen, all kinds of magical things will begin to unfold when you get in alignment with Life itself.

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