Your life is ready to blossom and grow

The Future is about Vibration and Energy

Life’s progression is not going to be based in pure action anymore, it’s going to be about alignment and harmony. You’ll be pulled towards your highest path where’s there’s no need to push nor chase after things or people but where they will be drawn to you and you towards them. And then divinely appointed meetings occurs as things of your life fall into place, and they happen without your involvement or by any of the old ways of ‘doing’ that you might have been used to up until now.

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Let love lead you through the Coronavirus crisis

This crisis is really an opportunity to reevaluate what’s important in our lives and to cultivate peace within ourselves and to extend kindness and support to one another. The fundamental energy of the human spirit is Love, and it will prevail and help us through this if we let it be the leading force in our lives. Focus on love and on supporting and helping others, and from a practical view-point; use this time well – Why not do a massive Spring-cleaning both inside and out?

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