The Power of Awareness

Something happens when you finally trust

We tend to build our vision up, but then we tear it down again by not trusting our path, and by doubting that which we call “God”. But when you finally learn to trust, then something happens.. In this article I share about the power of awareness, trust and faith. When you’re moving from one state of consciousness to another, there comes times when you feel a lot of internal turmoil, doubt and fear, but there is a way of handling moments like these and by tackling them head on have doubt and fear fall away and no longer have any hold on you.

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Enter a Higher Frequency by Surrendering to the flow of Life

When you surrender, you stop standing in your own way, and by doing that, you’re allowing the Universe to guide you and show you what to do next. The mind is great at sabotaging the flow by dominating and being all anxious and stressed out, trying to control outcomes and the way things ‘should’ go. Surrendering to the flow, to God, to the natural way of the Universe, brings peace and answers, so today I invite you to dare to let go, to let go and allow Life to show you the next step on your path – minus the struggle!

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