Energy clearing exercise (1)

How to clear and cleanse yourself from yucky and negative energies

A follow-up question from another reader who read the article I wrote about outgrowing a friend. She asked; “How do you get rid of and clear and cleanse the yucky energy you absorb from other people so it’s not sticking around for days afterwards?”. Energies are all around us at all times and sometimes we can get negatively affected by them. The unpleasant and unfavorable energies can come from other people, but they can also come from ourselves. Here’s what you can do to clear them out.

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Don’t let unforgiveness poison your life

You might feel resistance from the ego who does not want the healing or forgiveness because it wants to hold on to the grudge, the hurt, and the pain, but forgive anyway. Many times the resistance from the ego is a clear indication that you’re on to something good so pay attention to when that happens. When the ego doesn’t want to do something you can rest assured that it’s exactly what your soul wants, and when you have the awareness, you also have choice.

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You can’t keep your old story alive and expect to live a happy life

You can’t become who you’re meant to be by keeping your old story and identity of being a victim alive in your mind. You have to create a new vision and steer your life towards something better that is in alignment with the higher calling for your existence. And the higher calling for your life is always bigger than the story you have about yourself and who you think you are.

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