Spiritual Waiting Room

How To Get Out of the Spiritual Waiting Room and Have Your Breakthrough

Many times we think we are ready to receive something, but in reality we’re not. In my own life there has been things I had to wait for for years before I could have them/they manifested, and looking back I can clearly see that even if I thought I was ready, I really wasn’t, and this is something I see a lot in other people’s processes too. They think they are ready, but in reality they’re not. Not because they are not worthy or deserving, but because there are still things blocking them. Read all about how to finally have your breakthrough in this long three-part article series.

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There is no need to struggle and suffer in life! (God has not abandoned you)

This article is in response to the comments below one of my articles about the spiritual Void. A reader wrote: “I don’t understand why God puts you in this void when I was feeling blissful and at peace and connected/grounded to the universal energy. Now I’m feeling sadness and loneliness. I feel abandoned by God.” There is no need to struggle and suffer in life and God has not abandoned you, even if it feels that way right now. What I share in this article will help you shift back into feeling connected and aligned with the universe again.

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Longing to Find Purpose in Life: “What is my place in the world?”

“Since experiencing a brief ‘accidental spiritual awakening’ 10 years ago, I have struggled with ‘purpose’. When this brief awakening finished, my mind was left trying to get back to that place where it was ok that my purpose was simply being. My mind is now constantly swinging between trying to just ‘be’ (which I mostly find in nature and meditation) and having a purpose in my day to day life. I feel so different to other people and I long to find my place in the world and to live what God intends for me.” Read my reply in this article.

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