Trust your Inner Guidance

Guidance and Help is Always Available

When you listen within, you always know exactly what to do and when to do it and at the exact right time you need to know it, and at times when nothing comes up, you are able to easily drop it, knowing that when it’s time for you to know something, you will. You can live this way always. There is no need to be fearful, stressed out and anxious. You can trust your inner guidance, and you can also ask for help from the Divine Helpers of the Universe and you will get it. You are not alone. There is guidance and help available for you, always.

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How do I Stop Reading Horoscopes?

By obsessively reading and watching horoscopes on YouTube you’re holding yourself hostage in the limited consciousness of the small self. It prevents and blocks you from experiencing the magic of life because the small self is resisting the unknown where all the magic happens. It’s not in the known, or in the predictable that it happens, and there’s no way we can control the magical aspects of the unfolding of our life. We can only experience it, and the experiencing of it is our main purpose for being a human being.

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Partner up with your Higher Self (or Mind) and receive guidance

“How can you get guidance from your higher self?” In this article I’ll share how you can connect with and come into partnership with your higher mind, or higher Self. It’s always available to all of us and is eagerly waiting for you to work in partnership with it! When you work in alignment with your higher mind and have it as your trusted partner in life, you can expect every single area of your life to improve, and quickly too (and even magically and miraculously!)

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