Spiritual awakening vs law of attraction

“We are not in control once we are in the awakening process” vs Law of Attraction and Creating our Reality – What is actually true?

“Hi Maria, I would love to get your thoughts on more contradictory topics like these: “We are not in control once we are in the awakening process” (nor were we ever, so the illusion of control bubble gets burst) vs Law of Attraction and choosing to actively create our reality – but we are not in control?” — Are we in control, or not? Do we have any control? Are we able to create reality? Read my reply in this article. I also share about the power of belief and what the secret to life is that most people are not aware of but which actually is part of our divinity that we are meant to use in positive and self-empowering ways.

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22 Questions for Life and Work Direction (2/2)

Even more powerful questions for you! I know you will get many new revelations and insights from asking them. And don’t worry if nothing comes up immediately with some of the questions. Simply ask them and give them some thought, and then allow your deeper mind to bring the awareness and insights to you in its own time – which often happens when we least expect it! The questions will help the creative process of the universe to start moving in a focused way to bring you the answers, direction and guidance that you need. Includes an audio recording with all the 72 questions that you can listen to as well.

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Hold Back Nothing – Allow Yourself to Explore

“May you never be subservient. May you never fall prey to fitting in. May you always swirl in all the directions the sacred winds want to take you. May you never hush your laughter nor your tears. May you breathe without restriction. May you show up every single day to the calling that is you and may you always know the courage of your heart.” – Fig Ally
If Life is channeling something through you that can benefit others and you feel the hunch to do something, then don’t hesitate, see it as your sacred divine assignment to carry it out into the world.

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