Law of attraction, awakening and alignment

How to Succeed with the Law of Attraction

“I think I’ve read hundreds of articles about spiritual awakening online, and nothing has helped as much as reading your posts and explanations. One thing that is always confusing to me is that it seems some spiritual teachers are focused solely on evolving spiritually and others focus solely on “Law of Attraction”, and I’ve always had a hard time understanding how the two work together. I’ve noticed in a lot of your articles, you bring the two together. Am I right in assuming that “Law of Attraction” is probably not working particularly well during this time because of the pain and turmoil of awakening, which is not really conducive to “alignment?”

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When you move, Life moves too (Dare to Expand Your Life)

If you pray and ask for something and then suddenly get a feeling that you should do something, then Do It, without hesitation, because that hunch, that nudge, or intuition, that’s God’s way of answering your prayer, or giving you the next step towards something that you have asked for. You don’t want a fishbowl existence, you want to explore and enjoy the whole ocean, so trust your gut, trust your intuition. Our job is to respond to the cues from Life by taking action on them, and when we do, wonderful and amazing things happen, that’s when life opens up, and we can experience the expansion that our souls are yearning for.

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Guidance and Help is Always Available

When you listen within, you always know exactly what to do and when to do it and at the exact right time you need to know it, and at times when nothing comes up, you are able to easily drop it, knowing that when it’s time for you to know something, you will. You can live this way always. There is no need to be fearful, stressed out and anxious. You can trust your inner guidance, and you can also ask for help from the Divine Helpers of the Universe and you will get it. You are not alone. There is guidance and help available for you, always.

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