Oprah Winfrey quote about finding your purpose

Oprah About Flow Alignment

What Oprah Winfrey says about living in alignment with the flow of Life: “Life has dreamed a dream for you, and your goal, your number one job is to figure out what that dream is and align yourself with the dream because the dream cannot come to you unless you’re willing to meet it energetically in the same place. So if your energy is off, which I say to my girls all the time, they could teach this class right now on being in flow, if you are not in flow with God’s dream for you, with Life’s dream for you, if you are out of order if, you are out of sync, it cannot come to you. It will not come, because the whole..”

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My Life Sucks

“Hi Maria, I’m struggling with my career at the moment. I have been through a lot of challenges since I was 17 years old and I am now 30 years old and have never felt so unfulfilled in my career. I need freedom and peace, and to do what I love and earn money from it.. I need some help. My life sucks right now. Since I turned about 27, my life has felt so so challenging. I feel like I’m not doing what I love and I also feel like I’m not going anywhere, career-wise, and financially. I don’t feel the same guidance I used to have. I’m currently feeling very lost and on edge. I want to leave my job but I don’t know what to get into. I want to have my own business but I..”

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