everything already exists in consciousness

Shift into vibrational alignment with your desires (don’t focus on “manifesting”)

Everything is already on your path, but nothing is set in stone – You can choose literally whatever path you want to go. Every desire is already given. It has already been put there, it’s already on your path, so ‘manifesting’ is really about shifting into alignment with that which you desire. It’s always the internal shift that ‘creates’ a new reality – or you come into alignment with it, and then it becomes what you call ‘your life’. You basically change channel, like you do when you change the channel on TV; you shift from that channel to this, and now you see a different ‘show’, or reality and life.

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The last steps before manifestation happens

When you get to a certain point in the process of manifesting that which aligns with your highest destiny, there might be a bit (or a lot!) of outer turbulence and inner turmoil. It can be incredibly intense and you might feel pressure from all sides, but you can’t let this affect you. This part can be incredibly challenging because there might be a time-aspect to it (or a multiple choices dilemma) that you ‘think’ you have to control or decide on quickly, but the truth is that none of it will happen in the way the ego wants or thinks it should or could go and happen.

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Manifesting from a place of Alignment

What you want will manifest and come to you when you get in alignment. If you’re struggling and trying very hard to make something happen in your life but are not succeeding, it could be that you’re not in alignment with what your Soul really wants. Ask yourself these questions with absolute honesty and the answers will reveal to you where you’re coming from, and when you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place too.

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