coronoavirus is a wake up call for humanity

The Coronavirus crisis can serve as a wake up call for humanity

Right now is an opportunity for us as a human race to reset and stop rushing around and filling our lives with things that don’t really make us happy. This is a time of great transformation and awakening and many people will find their true purpose in this process. Let your prayer be to be used by Life according to your soul’s will, and by doing this, something beautiful and powerful will begin to emerge from within yourself and in your life.

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My Drug Addiction Recovery and Healing Journey

I always remember January 25 as one of the most important days of my life. Every year around this time I think back on that day almost two decades ago and I feel so grateful to be alive and blessed for having the life I have today. Whatever you might be going through in your life, please know that there is a Higher Intelligence that is available to you if you call out to it and ask it to help you.

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