Questions that will help you know thyself and realize things about your relationships

Questions to gain new insight and awareness about yourself and the people closest to you

Over 40 questions that will help you become aware of important things about yourself, your life, and your relationships.
Ask them deeply, not just with your head, but with your heart, and be totally honest with yourself. Let the answers reveal to you what you need to know and become aware of. Write them down in your journal or a piece of paper and ponder the questions as you ask them. The article includes an Audio where I read the article and ask the questions.

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When You Own Yourself You’ll Attract the Right Person to You

“I’m struggling with an intense insecurity regarding my height. So many times have I been rejected by the opposite sex due to nothing else but my being so short. It is difficult for me to not grow resentful of not only those who have rejected me personally, but of women as a whole.” In this article I share about how to break the vicious cycle of insecurity that comes from feeling rejected by others and how to shift your energy vibration, which is really the main factor when it comes to what’s attracting versus repelling people from wanting to be with you.

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8 ways to build and grow self-confidence and self-worth

Here’s 8 ways that will help you build and grow your confidence and sense of self-value. Follow one suggestion at a time before you move on to the next and your self-worth and self-confidence will soar to a completely new level quickly. Self-confidence and self-worth go hand in hand and these practical steps will help you take charge and transcend and move beyond any insecurities and self-doubt that you might have. They can also serve as a reminder to help boost the Truth of who you really are!

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