Every age has its own beauty

Struggling With Fear of Losing My Looks

“Hi Maria, Lately I’ve been struggling to cope with the fact that I am ageing physically and I live in fear of losing my looks. Do you have any advice to those of us who are struggling with these fears?”. Ok, so yes, we gain weight and our face and neck are beginning to sag and our eyelids might be more droopy, we get grey hairs and what not, but none of that matters in the big scheme of things; it’s such an incredible gift that we’re here, that we get to have this One Life that we’ve been given, so it’s so important to be happy and to enjoy your life, no matter what stage you’re at, while you can!

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Do not Waste One More Moment in Regret

By letting your mind pull you back to the past and the mistakes you made you’re only reinfecting yourself and making your point of power to be based in the past, which always only disempowers and weakens you. To be able to move forwards as an empowered human being, awareness is needed, and when you have that, you also have the choice to either wallow in regret and kick yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, or you can use your free will to learn from it and prevent other similar things to happen in the future by doing the exercise described in this article.

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