Dare to expand your life

When you move, Life moves too (Dare to Expand Your Life)

If you pray and ask for something and then suddenly get a feeling that you should do something, then Do It, without hesitation, because that hunch, that nudge, or intuition, that’s God’s way of answering your prayer, or giving you the next step towards something that you have asked for. You don’t want a fishbowl existence, you want to explore and enjoy the whole ocean, so trust your gut, trust your intuition. Our job is to respond to the cues from Life by taking action on them, and when we do, wonderful and amazing things happen, that’s when life opens up, and we can experience the expansion that our souls are yearning for.

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Partner up with your Higher Self (or Mind) and receive guidance

“How can you get guidance from your higher self?” In this article I’ll share how you can connect with and come into partnership with your higher mind, or higher Self. It’s always available to all of us and is eagerly waiting for you to work in partnership with it! When you work in alignment with your higher mind and have it as your trusted partner in life, you can expect every single area of your life to improve, and quickly too (and even magically and miraculously!)

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Synchronicity and coincidences guides our lives forward

Here’s a few things to ponder and ask yourself that will help increase your awareness of synchronicity and coincidences in your life. Synchronicity and other signs are all part of the evolutionary process that leads us forward in life; it’s the natural unfolding of things and the process that leads to progress. So the more we are open to see them, and the more we follow the signs by responding to them, the more forward momentum our lives also has.

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