Are affirmations really working for you

The Transformative Power of Words: Denial and Affirmations (1/2)

In this article I’ll share an effective way to tear down the construct of the ego. While the ego tries to fix a problem by chanting affirmations over and over again, the spirit within you goes straight to your beliefs and challenges them. It doesn’t try to escape the process by pretending all is well, it doesn’t try to fix it either, but it’s all in it to transforming it. True transformation is about removing the false in you and that’s where the ego gets threatened. When your core beliefs gets challenged, the ego starts to fall apart. It starts to unravel and get really loud..

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Coronavirus: On the positive side

The time now is an opportunity for humanity to get back in alignment with natural order and to that which is truly right for us. Nature/Life is calling us back into harmony so that we can enjoy a life of purpose, freedom and joy – and possibility. In this article I’ll share just some of the positive things about the Coronavirus crisis and how we can benefit from the changes that are occurring, both globally, and in our personal lives.

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