50 self-coaching questions for life and work direction

50 Questions to Help you Align with Your True Life and Work Path

I found some of my old writings today with questions I once asked myself when I was in the process of finding my own path so I wanted to share them with you, I know they will be helpful to you as well. Take some time alone and ponder these questions, let the answers that arise guide you and show you the way forwards: 50 powerful questions that will help you find clarity and direction in your life and work. I have also created a PDF for you so that you can print it and have it before you when you’re offline and journal about the questions and answers that comes up for you.

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When you’re gone, what will people remember you for?

How will people remember you after you die? How do you want to remember yourself? I hope you can say that you had the courage to walk in your truth, to chase after the right things, that you were bold. And I hope you laughed a lot, and that you loved your life, and that you loved, period… Especially yourself. And that you created good memories of yourself and your life that others will remember too.

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I’m now in Competa, Spain

After an unfolding of events I’m no longer going to Dublin (Ireland) but instead I’m now in a small Andalucian town called Competa. Competa is just outside of the city…

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