When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them the First Time - Maya Angelou

When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them the First Time

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. People know themselves much better than you do. That’s why it’s important to stop expecting them to be something other than who they are.” — Maya Angelou. Once people have told you, or showed you who they are and you don’t leave, they are free to be as bad as they warned you they would be, so trust the red flags. Don’t second guess yourself —This is YOUR life, so If you see red flags or if you notice something ‘weird’ or off, – Don’t go there. Trust yourself and leave. See it as your cue to exit.

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8 ways to build and grow self-confidence and self-worth

Here’s 8 ways that will help you build and grow your confidence and sense of self-value. Follow one suggestion at a time before you move on to the next and your self-worth and self-confidence will soar to a completely new level quickly. Self-confidence and self-worth go hand in hand and these practical steps will help you take charge and transcend and move beyond any insecurities and self-doubt that you might have. They can also serve as a reminder to help boost the Truth of who you really are!

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Living in Alignment with your Values and Intentions

We always act in accordance to what is most important to us, and what is most important to us is what we truly value, which might not always be what we ‘think’ it is. When you’re clear about your values and your intention with everything you do, you’re always going to remain aligned with the truth of who you really are and the flow of your true life’s energy.

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