Fear does not belong to you, it's from the ego

Don’t let fear get to you: Take Charge of Yourself

Overcome fear and master yourself

Sometimes people ask me if they should just ignore whatever it is that causes inner disturbance or turmoil, and I say NO, absolutely not.

Do not let any unfavourable energies linger in your mind and heart, not even for a moment.

The idea or suggestion to “not worry” or “give your problems over to the Divine” does not mean that you should dismiss or ignore the things that stir up fear inside of you, or that you don’t do anything about it yourself.

That’s not “mastering yourself”, that’s running away and trying to hide from something (fear/ego) and thus letting It has power and dominion over you.

If you’re worried or afraid/fearful about something, don’t pretend the worry/fear is not there, don’t ignore it and dismiss it from your mind without first going after it with all you’ve got.

It’s an intruder in your mind – it doesn’t belong there, so ignoring it or dismissing it will only help for the moment, but for a permanent removal of it, you have to go after it and look closely at it.

That’s how you get rid of it. It’s a poison and should not be allowed to take hold of you one bit.

And to just leave it and give it over to a higher power without first working it through within yourself to the best of your ability is to basically allowing things drift while hoping for the best.

No, you absolutely have to deal with it.

Don’t allow yourself to become a slave to fear and don’t let anything overwhelm and stress you out.

And I’m not talking about momentary experiences of fear or concern etc.

All feelings are to be welcomed and natural/normal and should be allowed as they guide us and are way-showers in their own way.

It’s when the feelings and emotions take over the person that it becomes a problem.

You are meant to overcome and rise above any fear you might have and you do that by learning how to master your own emotional and mental states and responses.

The more we shrink from problems or challenges and the more we try to run away from them, the worse and bigger they get.

Then fear and worry becomes your master (=the ego runs your life), but we can only become its slave if we accept it and pretend it’s not there by putting on a happy face, or if we just give it over to the Divine without doing anything ourselves.

That is the same as giving fear dominion and authority in our lives.

What needs to be done is to meet it and destroy it; nip it in the bud as soon as it enters into your mind.

If you don’t, it’s the same as allowing it to grow and fester and eventually take you over, which will only cause increased anxiety, even panic, and lead to other things such as addictions, stress-related health-issues etc.

If we accept fear to live on in our hearts and minds it becomes part of our life and with it comes a lot of unwated things and experiences!

But when fear has been cast out we find that it didn’t have much to come with after all, that it was all bark and no bite. In Reality it really has nothing on you.

So it’s not about refusing to meet or avoiding life’s challenges and going to watch a funny movie instead, pretending everything is fine and hoping that it will all be taken care of (or go away) by itself.

We have to face it, meet it, challenge it and that’s how we overcome it.

When this is accomplished, that’s when you’ll find that there is no substance whatsoever behind the fear, and when this realization hits you, the ‘next fear’ is not going to be as threatening as the former was, and then when you overcome that too (by going after it), it’s just fades away more and more until it no longer has anything on you, and that’s when it can no longer take hold in your mind and heart.

This is when you have mastered yourself.

To not meet it is destructive to your spirit, it saps the will and makes you feel weak and small, but by meeting it and dealing with it you will be able to live as an unafraid human being, feeling confident and with an inner calm and peaceful presence and poise about you.

So whatever turmoil is going on in your life;

Meet it head-on, don’t shy away from it, get to the bottom of it, and by doing this you will become free from it and be able to live as you’re meant to; free from the fears and worries of the false self and the ways it operates in your life and mind.

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Bring fear and worry into the light of Truth and let the Light dissolve it and remove it from your mind and heart and your whole being. It does not belong to you. Inner peace and harmony does.

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  1. Stephen Parry

    I believe I’m running out of ways to say THANK YOU, Maria, for the continually touching and inspiring comments.

    Love you.



  2. Thank you so much for showing your appreciation Stephen, I’m so glad to hear that you like what I share. 🙏 It always makes me happy to hear. 😊 Blessings to you as well. ❤

  3. owanifo

    My Dear Maria, Thank you so much for your insightful article.And in additions to all that are geniusly said, I can only add that fear is one of the primary emotions and the other primary emotion is love(abundance). Fear in itself is not bad because fear being an emotion implies that fear is also our emotional guidance.Every reality in our world is created by our mind and our mind can either create from fear or love.We must therefore,need to consciously watch over the mind to detect whenever fear is at work in us.The Universe (or any of the myraid names for the Universe) said in Proverbs_4:23 that “we must watch over our mind with all our strength to ensure that the mind does not mistakely create what we do not want from fear”. Consciously living from our true identities is the only antidote to fear.Fear cannot dwell in us once we are consciously living from our knowledge of the permanence of our cosmic umbilical cord to the Universe. Take good care of yourself and I love you always.

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