Take the step and move outside your comfort zone!

There’s a quote I really like and that have helped me at times when I have felt ‘not ready’ to do something, at times when I have knowingly stalled myself to do something while I have deep down known that I can do, that I am in fact ready – this quote has inspired me;

 “I’ve never began any important venture

for which I felt adequate prepared” ~Sheldon Kopp

The only thing that ever holds us back is fear, nothing else. And fear can be described as worry, anxiety, doubt, ‘not-enough’-ness… It’s all fear, and fear is always from the ego.

The ego wants us to stay small and not to move outside the familiar, it likes it where it can keep you a bit agitated and fearful at all times to some extent and where you can stay inside ‘the box’ and not make much of yourself.

Sometimes it will fool you and give something (from the outside world) that makes you ‘happy’ for a while, so that you feel ‘OK’ and ‘not so bad’ after all.. It’s a trick and not to be listened at.

There’s another kind of happiness that lasts, and it comes from within. From your soul.

There are people waiting for you and what you have to give! We need to gather courage and step outside the box in order to live a fulfilling life, and that can be scary, BUT DO IT ANYWAY! Fear is for fearful people, and I can only speak for myself; but I refuse to define myself as such!

There is something that only you can give to the world, a talent or gift that only you can give and the world is waiting for you to bring it forth! There is something so beautiful within you that it makes my eyes tear up now that I write it, that reeeally wants to be expressed. It needs to be expressed.

Today, do something that scares you – step outside your comfort zone and go for it! Say to yourself;

“fear is for fearful people and I don’t define myself as such!

I’m going to do this and I know God has my back and supports me all the way!”

Ego will only tell you FOREVER that you are ‘not ready’; that you have to study more, go to more classes, know more, read more, evolve more, do this and that more, before you can do the thing you know your heart is calling you to do – don’t listen to it, or you will never be ‘ready’.

Instead, listen to what your heart is telling you, what the inner voice is telling you; that you won’t have to do it alone, that your inner being will do the things and say the things through you, as you, if you only let it.

Take the step today!

Behind your greatest fear is your greatest blessings. Your world will expand for every step you dare to take outside your comfort zone, and it will be an exciting ride where you feel butterflies in your stomach and a sense of great accomplishment – you will feel so proud of yourself! 🙂

I believe in you and your greatness and I know that what you have to give is something beautiful – because I know where it comes from, so it has to be.

You ARE ready!

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A new sense of confidence, aliveness and increased well-being and positive energy.

They feel more connected to their inner truth and intuition and have an increased

awareness of themselves and the energy around them. 

Their fear and stress melts away and an inner sense of deep peace and harmony

comes over them as a result of the shifts in energy and consciousness.

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