Take a Leap of Faith

“Fear not, for I am with you”.

God works with us to bring us out of bondage and into freedom, and I also believe that God puts us in situations where our commitment and faith is tested.

I believe that God wants his peeps (or, “the ones who follow their hearts”) to be trustworthy, just as he is trustworthy, and to trust what we can’t see or know (the outcome of) takes courage; to trust the experience which happens in the moment and to go with it as it occurs, intuitively, rather than going with and believing in the (imagined) outcome of actions taken from ego – that takes guts.

If you’ve been afraid of something and desire to be free, the time will eventually come when you’ll have to face your fears and doubts and not run away from them; the time will undoubtedly come when we are faced to make a decision that can alter the whole course of our life, in a huge way.

So why postpone it any longer?

The choice will require of us to either believe our minds that scares us with its stories of how risky something is and that we will fail, or what if we fail (all the ‘what if’s’ of the ego), what will happen with us and so forth, or we can chose to go with the heart that tells us, .. well, it actually doesn’t tell us much else than “trust me”, and that’s pretty much it.

What will you listen to, the stillness or the noise?

What happens when we begin to let go of managing fear and insecurity (by sometimes desperate attempts to try to get rid of it) and simply let it be to see if it’s as scary as it wants to make itself to be?

Thoughts has a way of making themselves way more important than they are.

As soon as we give ourselves total permission to experience what we are experiencing and we give whatever it is we’re feeling permission to exist (because it does exist so why fight what already is?), then something deeper opens up, actually Truth opens up, because we stop arguing with God and we begin agreeing with God, or at least we slowly move in a direction of looking at things from a different perspective (instead of making what we feel wrong or bad).

Faith takes action so it needs an activity.

Think about how it would feel to take a step of faith, does it feel exhilarating and a bit scary? Feel into it right now.  

Just imagine yourself doing that thing you have been thinking of doing for a while, how it would feel to finally take the step and just do it – feel into that, see if it doesn’t make your heart sing with joy, not in a woohoo-kind of way, but feel into the deeper joy that is at the core of it all, behind the fear and doubt.

Look there.

How about pursuing and following what’s right with or without other peoples support and approval, without any support at all actually but God’s – How would it be to take a leap of faith and just go for it?

How about agreeing with God at last and be inspired by that rather than being motivated by fear?

How about not caring what others think, how about actually rejoicing in people leaving us when we begin to embark on the journey of the unknown, knowing that a transformation is taking place and people that are not in alignment with the new path leaves and situations are being changed – for us?

When things start to shift, whenever there’s unease in our mind, things are being put right in our heart, so we can actually rejoice in what’s happening even if it’s uncomfortable for the ego.  

How about being fearless and not afraid of the risk to look foolish for God, how about taking the chance and just do whatever God is calling us to do, regardless?

Whatever that may be, and I know you already know what that is for you, and so does God.

Have you thought about that while you may be waiting on God to give you a “sign”, you have actually already received it and you know very well what it is?

But then there’s also a part of you that doesn’t want to know (if it’s something difficult you’re asked to do), or you’re too afraid or you have doubt in your heart (if it’s something that you have wanted to do for a very long time that would make your heart sing with joy)…

Maybe God is waiting on you to take a step towards him..?

Maybe that one little thing you have had on your mind now for the longest time, maybe that small little thing is what God is waiting you to do, and then when you have, he’ll take over more powerfully.

How about that?  

Faith is expectancy and not merely ‘believing’ that God can, but that he’s fully able to move mountains for you if you’re committed and trust him.

How about trusting that?

It’s like signing the dotted line on the contract you have with God without knowing what the assignment is that you have signed up for and when asking God about it, all he says is “I’ll tell you later, now sign with a ‘Yes’, that’s all I need from you”.

What do you say; up for it? Ready to take the leap of faith?


 Sign the assignment contract with God without

knowing beforehand exactly what it is (or any outcomes)

 – just say Yes.


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