Telling a new story

We all have a story, and we call it our life. Think differently about it, and it becomes different.

We are all only limited by the story we tell.

Not so much by the story itself, but how we feel about it, our past, for example.

Whatever has happen in your past, you can choose to talk about it a gloomy way or in an empowering way—it still has no more power over you than the power you give it.

Change the story about yourself, or even better, leave the past in the past altogether and see yourself as you want to become.

Ten persons could witness the same event, and they still would tell ten different stories that would shape their life in that moment. The event just is, and that is the only thing we all can agree on. It simply is, and it’s neither good nor bad.

It’s just a story.

Start telling yourself that positive changes are happening, stand tall and strong, and you radiate a different energy the second you change your language, both verbal and body.

When you practice your new way of thinking, pretty soon it will become “normal” as your current thoughts are.

You don’t struggle to be able to think negatively, do you? (And we all do that, some more and some less) You just have to reprogram your mind, and one way to do it is by being aware of the words you use and how you speak, what tone of voice you use, and how to change that energy.

As you become aware of how you use your body language, and how to change it for the better, your mind will follow your body, and vice versa. The smallest change can work miracles!

But you have to practice it.

Begin to watch your words: “Oh, that’s what I could have expected,” “I knew this would happen, typically me,” “I never learn,” “this always happens to me,” are all thoughts that weaken you and create more such thoughts.

When you tell yourself something over and over again for years, for example that bad things always happen to you, then that’s what you will experience.

The same happens when you program your mind by repeating positive things.

We speak our world into creation. Listen to what you are saying and become aware of how you are affecting those around you. Choose your words wisely and never again talk negatively about yourself to others!

Let your inner talk be empowering. Avoid thoughts that weaken you.

Your thoughts radiate to the world, and people pick up on your energy.
Your world changes when you change, and it all starts with you.

Don’t ever again put yourself down by having an inner conversation that weakens you, because every time you do that, you are turning your back on who you really are: a great, great Spirit with unlimited potential.

Because you truly are a STAR! 🙂

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