The Angel And Devil On Your Shoulders

Most people are aware of this inner image of the good and the bad guy that sits on our shoulders, but most also think that they are the ones sitting on our shoulders are the ones who runs the show.

Think about who is observing them. It is you in the middle, in the space in between, who are the observer. You get to decide which one to listen to.

While the ego is very aggressive and screams loudly that you should go with it, and fills you with fears of lack and scarcity, the Spirit is quiet and patient and waits for you to come to it, and only wants what’s good for you, because it knows of nothing else but abundance and well-being.

Often times people tend to go with the loud one and think it is the most powerful.

While if we turned away, without beginning to explain anything to the ego, and just give our full attention on the angel that sits on the others side, we would experience all that which we consider to be good.

Out of habit and old programming it is more common though to go with the ones that screams the loudest, both within and without.

All based on one thing; there is not enough trust in ourselves to go with the still inner voice that speaks in the language of emotion. Our intuition. Old programming has made most people not to trust it.

I remember when I was a kid and I made decisions based on how I felt, and the grown ups in my life thought of me as “naive” and I recall them asking me if I always went with my feelings and when I said yes, they looked down on me and said it would bring me problems in life.

I never believed them. (thank God!). I remember thinking they had an odd way of looking at life, I couldn’t understand how people could ignore their gut feeling.

I don’t know about you, but I choose my spirit without hesitation, I completely trust it, while letting ego witter away, because it will if you don’t get it any attention.

The “angel” on the other hand is not going anywhere, and you can never lose your connection with it. It is, and has always been there, regardless how much dis-connection you might have felt. It has never left you, and never will.

Who are you going to listen to today? The “devil” (ego) or the angel (spirit) on your shoulders?

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  1. Once again, your are absolutely coherent and on the mark with your observation. There are no ifs and buts and maybes about what your are saying. It is we who are the observers and it is we who must choose. But, like you said, the observing is the difficult part for most of us. If we do not observe, all we hear by reason of habit are endless babblings in our head, and discerning and choosing becomes difficult. Observing and listening takes practice they don’t teach you that in school. On the other hand, thank God, there are today so many wise and caring teachers like yourself available to help us along in this process. Thank you for sharing your insights, as always, so generously and cogently. May the INFINITE continue to bless you and all of your readers who, like myself, are earnestly yearning to become observers and to learn how to always choose wisely from the spirit.

  2. Thank you Benard! 🙂 I’m glad you liked my post.

    Yes, we are not taught in school to listen to the still voice, but rather to conform to the worlds opinions and old thought systems.

    But I believe it’s all changing – just like Oprah Winfrey has said too: “People are getting it: Being aware of the moment is what matters most.”

    It’s only in the present moment that the Spirit lives, while the ego wants us to waste this Now moment on worrying about the future or regretting the past – and that’s what dreams are so great for; they reveal to us those things we perhaps didn’t “hear” in our waking life, if we only pay attention to them. I love dreams and the wisdom they carry forth to us 🙂

    Much Love! <3

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