The Beauty and the Peace (Let Grace Transform You)

How could you ever know peace if you haven’t experienced the divine discontent that forced you to see things differently?

In that sense the ego was indeed needed, the ignorance was needed, the not knowing who you are created the suffering you needed, and that suffering is what eventually leads to the spiritual awakening.

Not necessarily, but suffering of some kind is usually in the picture if the desire to really know your true nature wasn’t there to begin with. Life has it’s ways to get our attention..

Crisis can be the catalyst for change, but if you don’t see that yet, you will have to suffer a bit more before the shift can happen.

Some people feel the pull of spirit from an early age.

Some people have a natural drive to go by pure instinct and faith.

Some people, most people, are driven by fear.

The beauty of life has never been clearer in my own life as it is today (that doesn’t mean it’s a permanent “state”, it only means that there’s an underlying peace present that hold everything regardless of where I find myself),

.. everyday is a new discovery, a fresh point of awareness and the peace that is present is here because of the realization that this moment is all there is, and we only have this moment to deal with, and also to enjoy. Right now.

If (when) challenges come, they appear in the present moment and are dealt with in the present moment. 

When joys and moments of delight and enjoyment are present, they are here right now and even more enjoyed and basked in, for the pure joy of beingness.

It’s not far away. It’s not to be attained or achieved, it’s here. Look around you, appreciate the ugliness and the turmoil as well as the more enjoyable moments – it’s the call of your soul to get out of your mind, stop making stories about this moment and simply be.

Life is now.

Sometimes we just slip and get lost in the past of future projections. But Life is still Here and Now, just as it always has been and always will be.

The mystery is constantly revealing itself in every moment. There is no end to evolution, and I can’t image that I would ever say that I am ‘done’ in any way.

The suffering we go through lies in the misplaced identity (thinking we are the separate person), in the resistance to just let love have us, in the belief that we can control Life, manage it, and mold it according to our little wishes and wants.

Life is continuously unfolding, the discovery never stops, life remains a mystery, and true understanding always comes after the experiences as long as you’re open to investigate and not taking the experiences for the Truth itself.

The willingness has to be there, and everyone has their own processes to go through, but the willingness to die before you die so you can fully live is the same for us all.

Surrender to life, let it take you, give yourself to it, because it will not let you go, and you can either kick and scream your way through it, or you can remain open and willing in this moment and be attentive to where it pulls you.

Don’t shun away from the uncomfortable as the mainstream spirituality teaches you. Go deeper, let yourself be swallowed up by Truth.

As long as you only want to feel good or better, you will only find yourself on the shallow surface of life.

And when you do go deeper, know that there will be a back and fort process going on for a while, you will feel trapped by life at times, all the while knowing oneness, and that in itself is very difficult, the fear can be dreadful.

Know that there will be a leveling out, you will find yourself moving from the extremes to a balancing out.

There will be times when you feel completely spiritually flat-lined, and there will be times when all you do is breath and live Truth, completely immersed in it.

One day you will call of the search, and that will be the day the realization hits you, that you are not in control of any of this.

To make a simple analogy; you can’t decide who you are going to fall in love with, and when.

And you will never get the first kiss back, which can be yet another analogy of the egos desperate attempts to get some spiritual experience “back” that they had years ago.

That is one of the most common questions I get; how do I get it back? (You don’t, it’s an experience, and they come and go).

Love just happens, out of the blue, and it really doesn’t matter how much you seek for mister or miss Right, how many dates you go on, how many people you sleep with, hoping that this person might be it. None of that matters.

Love will not happen until Love decides to happen. Simple as that, and the more you desperately seek it, the more you will suffer.

The same with Truth. Life does what Life wants, when Life wants it, and the blessing lies in the realization of that, the liberation, the freedom! In the not-knowingness, the unknown, the indescribable, the scary place where the ego doesn’t want to go.

Dive into the dark, even if it’s terrifying. Life is in the unknown.

In difficult times, try your best to embrace the not-knowingness, allow yourself to trust life, and stay with the “I don’t know”.

Just stay there, don’t try to understand, understanding will come when it comes, and it will not come from the rational mind.

The ego takes time to dissolve, and the though-processes will take it’s time to be deconstructed and there will be times of great dissolution and confusion while this refinement is taking place. But it will take place, so let it. 

Relax and trust that everything is unfolding just as it should, and understand that there’s a maturation that takes place after realization.

This process will include spiritual temper tantrums, foot stomping moments, and even rage – know that it’s the ego’s resistance to transformation.

Remember what you have said; Thy will be done. That really means Thy will, and NOT your will.

Your prayer has been answered, now buckle up! 😀

Let grace transform you.

That’s how you realize the true beauty of Life and the peace that passeth all understanding. – By diving (throwing yourself!) into the unknown fully and completely.

 Keep Walking

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“…  remember that even though that can be very difficult to go through, as it will feel like a bulldozer within you, grinding and burning away the remnants of the ego, it is all for the sake of the awakening  for Life to wake up as you.

Everything serves Truth and awakening. Everything…” 

When The Ego Realizes It Has No Future


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