The behavior of God; You being You

What is God to you? It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, you probably have some ideas and thoughts about a higher power.

What qualities do you believe God has?

For me, God is wisdom, truth, integrity, love, passion, abundance, compassion, and all the positive qualities I can think of. God is all good, and there is nothing negative about God.

And I am all that too, because I am ‘created in the likeness of Him’.

To me God is not a religious God, but the source of all creation, the highest form of energy there is, and we are all a part of that.

One of my missions on earth is to transcend my ego and and get back into alignment with that power I call God.

That’s an ongoing process that will continue for ever, just because of the fact that God is limitless, and the more we uncover, the more we find there is to uncover.

And I love that – life is about growth for me, and the learning will never end – Thank God for that! 🙂

We all flow in and out of alignment throughout our whole life, and very few of us is 100% in alignment all the time.

As long as ego is present (to whetever extent), the process will go on.

And everyones journey is unique and different.

Therefor, if that is what you too believe (that God is all good), we have to demonstrate it by striving to be like Him/it.

There has been times in my past when I thought that to be like God, or like Jesus or Buddha is the same as being overly kind to everybody, to not really stand up for oneself (meek; ‘overlooking’ other peoples bad behavior towards me) and be soft in my behavior so that I don’t scare others.

I have had problems with anger in my past, and when I started my journey of healing, I addressed it by becoming, in my mind as I see in hindsight, meek in a negative way.

I became way too soft and overly gentle towards others because I didn’t want to scare people anymore. It wasn’t a long time of adjustment for me, but a painful one.

So anyone can begin now, and things will straighten themselves out along the way, provided we consciously seek that which feels right to us.

And it can happen very fast, because the moment we strive to be who we truly are, the energy behind everything (God) supports us wholeheartedly.

I began to do things in the opposite way from the things and behaviors I had had and done in the past that had hurt me or made me feel bad in some way, and when we do, we begin to discover a middle way to go which suits us better in the future.

We will find the balance that is right for us by trying different approaches and behaviors.

The thing is, we have to do things differently than before to change our behaviors and thinking if we want change. and along the way we learn to adjust and we find a middle way that is more in line with who we really are.

It begins with moment to moment awareness of our thoughts – when we become conscious of us being the thinker, and thus have the ability to change our thoughts to something more positive.

  • God is not submissive, meek or weak in any way.

Humble, yes, but with strong integrity and he would never ‘hide his light under a bushel for anyone’.

If you look at many of the most positively influential people in the world, now and throughout history, whom are very much admired by most, you will find that they all are being completely themselves and sometimes they are perceive to be difficult to deal with because they refuse to think and behave like everybody else.

They have their own opinions and they are going all out with who they are.

They might even be blunt and sometimes overly outspoken for the convenience of the average person, but non the less, they are showing their inner power, which is God himself.

We all find our balance and unique way of being in the world by being true to ourselves in every moment, and not fall into the traps of the stereotypical views of how the world thinks a ‘spiritual’ person should be, or any other person for that matter.

Do you have limiting beliefs about how God is like I had in the past?

Do you think that a spiritual person should not show anger or rock the boat just so that others can feel comfortable? (just for the record; I believe every person is spiritual, there are only different levels of consciousness)

When I started to realize that how others react to me has nothing to do with me, I began to find back to who I really was, and now I am very comfortable being myself. We can never control how others might react to how we behave, so just be yourself, be just like God created you.

When you are outspoken, just expressing you opinion, there will be people who say “hm, that’s an interesting point of view” and maybe are interested to talk to you even more because of that, and there will be people who are being offended when you think differently, but don’t get hang up on that. It’s out of your control.

In the masses, meaning the average person, he is most comfortable with the people who think like he does, while people with more of an open mind and heart will respond to you without being offended because they are open to other points of views, and not blindly following the mass-consciousness.

They are willing to have an attitude of curiosity rater that letting their egos get bruised. Simple as that.

So how do you think God is?

If you think only good of God; then how would God think about the things you think about? How can you let the thoughts of God come through more in your life as you?

~How can you behave more in line with the qualities you honestly think God has?


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