The Difference Between Reaction and Response (To Life)

How a response instead of a reaction to an event can change the unfolding. (And our emotional well-being).

In every instance of our life, all we have is Now and all we have to ‘deal with’ is the present moment, however it presents itself.

Whatever comes up, we can chose to respond to the event from a place of unconscious reaction, or from a conscious place of response to what is, without making it (or other people) right or wrong, without having an opinion about it at all.

We can chose to simply leave the story out and look at it from a fresh perspective of Spirit.

Life simply Is – regardless of our opinions about it.

Suffering always comes from arguing with Life: Either about this moment or on insisting on how it should have been. Life will never conform to how we think it should be and will always win. Argue with it and you will suffer. ~Maria Erving

A reaction could be described as a re-action to a situation, an action that is met with the same energy.

Reacting to war for example with a defensive energy only creates more violence, while meeting it from a peaceful place allows peace to move in and direct the unfolding of the situation.

When a reaction comes from a judgmental attitude – which often can be based in some kind of past experience where we have felt victimized – the need of defense arises.

  • Reaction comes from the ego.
  • A response on the other hand comes from the spirit.

It looks at the situation with freshness and are open to it.

A response can be totally unaffected by emotions, it simply Is, and then from that place a natural response arises that either moves us to some kind of (constructive) action or simply a peaceful understanding and allowing for the other part to be as it is without judging it. (Whether it’s a person or event/situation).

It’s allowed to be, because it already is, and what we think about it (our opinions) has no meaning other than our attitude and approach to it determines how we feel about it.

What happens in the present moment is not an obstacle that needs to be overcome or get beyond (thus reacting to it with defense or resistance), thinking the next moment will be better (The next moment never arrives as it’s always put out there in the future, postponed, and the Now moment is basically wasted).

The stories we make about the events are what makes us suffer and react from an dysfunctional place.

This should not have happened, it should not be this way, they should not have said that, I don’t want this, I want that over there, when will it manifest for me, when will  get what I want” (the endless waiting-game for fulfillment for the ego, who will never be satisfied with the present moment, and always wants to escape it).

An endless stream of stories told in the mind, by the mind and then us (as in ego) mindlessly reacting to them!

What if we just looked at the event.

Look at it, without any story about it.

It’s not right, and it’s not wrong, it simply is.

Notice how your mind reacts to that; how does it feel to look at something and not name it, not label it, not judge it, justify it, or even understand it?

Just look at it and feel what arises from a deeper place from within that has nothing to with your personal likes and dislikes about the situation.

The mind can go into total confusion, even panic, because it’s ‘job’ (it has been conditioned and taught that) is to protect us, but when we look at it more deeply we can see that that which we think we need protection from, is also mind-made!

When we don’t pay that much attention to the one within that comments on everything, has opinions about everything and so on, the mind gets out of a job and will naturally resist it at first as it is used to run the show so to speak, so that can be expected.

Look at that too with curiosity and openness.

How can you respond to it instead of react to it? Feel the difference.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

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I have never felt more aligned to my true self

Maria’s awareness of energies and the conditions of the mind are truly impressive. She knows exactly what’s going on. She is so attuned to other peoples’ energy that she just knows where you’re at. After working with her I have never felt more alive and aligned to my true self.

Andrew B, San Diego, CA, USA

Could not more highly recommend

Maria is the real deal. You will sense it the moment you lay eyes on her. She offered much, much more than I’ve derived from other teachers; highly specific and personal recommendations. It is as though I got a crash graduate course from spirit. Could not more highly recommend!

Catherine Rondeau, Westport, Connecticut, USA

I had a complete turnaround to my situation

I had a complete turnaround to my situation so many thanks for helping me transform something I had lost hope about. It’s a miracle and the outcome could not have turned out better! If you want to see a real shift not just psychological but spiritual shift, then Maria is the lady to see. I am so glad I found you!

– Sophie P

Beyond grateful for the transformational journey we shared

Maria, I am beyond grateful for the transformational journey we shared. it was nothing less than a miracle that has allowed me come into who I really am. I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face, feeling immense gratitude for just being alive, I can’t explain it, I´m just enjoying this fully. Your guidance has so profoundly changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough.

— R. Los Angeles, USA

The feeling of peace and freedom is priceless

This feeling of peace and freedom is priceless. Maria is beyond amazing. Had I not experienced it myself, I would probably not believe it. I recommend anyone who is trying hard to be truly free and really start walking down the path of self fulfillment and happiness to book a session with her.

Now I know what is creating my reality

I’m overflowing with gratitude and joy! Life has changed dramatically for me after our time together. I have truly realized on a fundamental level what is creating my reality and it has given me confidence for the first time in my life to finally be ME, I feel liberated to be my authentic self!

— J. Carlson

The whole session felt as if it was operating on another level

If you can trust one thing in your life right now, trust Maria. You can trust her with your heart and soul. It’s hard to explain, the whole session felt as if it was operating on another level. I’ve never had that kind of experience before. It just felt so much bigger than I anticipated. I can tell you with absolute honesty and conviction that having a session with Maria is life-changing!

– Lisa, USA

You are truly a gift to us all!

I can’t even begin to express how much I have gained internally after my session with you. You have been an instrument of peace in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Owen, USA

Something happened within me that I cannot explain

During and after our session, something happened within me that I cannot explain nor would it even make sense to anyone. There was a part of me that felt my being been taken over by a real peacefulness that I’ve never encountered before. Sounds odd but it’s the truth.

– A.

This journey with you has been amazing

Words cannot fully express the profound impact of my session with you – it has been nothing short of magical. You helped me remove the blockages that held me back, helped me recognize my true worth, and providing so much insight that has been truly life-changing!

— Sarah K.

You have really made a difference in how my mind works

I don’t know if I make sense, but all I can say is that I feel blissful. And I can’t thank you enough for that. I don’t know exactly how you managed this, but you have really made a difference in how my mind works.

– Silvia, Marbella, Spain

Maria is leading people to a new way of being

Maria is changing the world by her presence. She’s leading people to a new way of being. She’s able to see where you are at in your journey and can show you the way forward. I feel so incredibly grateful that she has been a companion during this time of change. If you feel drawn to connect with Maria I encourage you to move forward with confidence.

– Carolyn W. Asheville, NC, USA

I’ve never had a conversation like that before

I just wanted to say thank you so much again for our session yesterday, I’ve never had a conversation like that before and it was truly amazing. I could feel weight lifted as we were talking and for the first time my mind did not try to make sense of things, it was all truly felt in the heart space.

Val, Melbourne, Australia


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