The Most Profound Way To Surrender

When it feels like you been slapped by life, the most powerful prayer of surrender is to say “YES” (and really mean it), a honest and sincere YES, yes to this moment, yes to life, yes to Truth, however it may look.

A YES is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the Truth that we can’t possibly know why a situation looks the way it does, and that all things passes, both the joyful moments and the sad ones.

“YES, I surrender to this moment – as it is” – and from that acceptance clear intuitive guidance can come forth.

It’s when we resist or resent the present moment that we cloud clear vision and wisdom from shining light on our path.

The mind feels uncomfortable when challenged, it wants to have opinions and judgments about what is (that’s what minds do), it doesn’t like the idea that this moment might be alright or okay, or that there might be a higher perspective that it has no access to, or that it can even begin to comprehend. (Truth is beyond mind).

It likes to think it knows the reasons for everything or that there at least are reasons that it can understand.

It wants to project a problem that needs to be solved, and then we, if we are unconscious, we act upon what the mind thinks about something without ever even questioning it, or reflecting before acting.

Most of humanity just go like sheeps through life, interpreting this moment through the filters of ideas and mind-made conclusions, and this is not to be judged within ourselves as being wrong or bad, just see clearly that this is how we have been trained to react to life, and when we see this clearly there’s no need to blame anybody, including ourselves.

The clear seeing and awareness is enough to set ourselves free.

So it’s actually a good thing to be challenged, to get the structures of mind questioned and doubted.

I don’t mean this in a way that is confrontational or to be obsessed with fighting the mind or anything, but by being open to fresh viewpoints and not to rigidly hold on to belief structures, stuck with convictions and conclusions based on the limited minds views and projections.

Sometimes we do need to make an effort to not make an effort too and simply let go of it all. To simply drop it all like a hot potato. 

And the most clear cut way to become free from the minds opinions about a situation is to surrender to not knowing by saying yes to it (to Life as it is, and not how we think it is), yes to the moment, yes to an opening to Truth – that is how we make ourselves available to Grace.

By a simple YES to this moment, like there is no other moment but this.

No tomorrow, no past, only this. Where can mind then go? Nowhere.

See how it feels trapped when it can’t project or judge. 

Some things don’t need to get surrendered, some things will just naturally fall away, but usually there’s some thought-structures attached to the situation, or even a person, that we are better off without.

“YES, I let this go too”.

Other things and interests will just suddenly seem to have lost their importance and have disappeared without us having done anything, we just realize one day that it is no longer there. That includes goals and ambitions, which can be very scary for the ego to realize.

“YES, I let those go too”.

The autopilot that the mind runs on seem to have stopped up and there is space again and it was the YES that made the space, and your willingness to it that made it possible. 

The YES can’t be faked and it has to be sincere. There can be no intent to let go for the sake of ‘maybe then I’ll get what I want..’

It’s not an intellectual understanding, and the belief of you thinking you know what the universe ‘needs’ has to go too.

“YES, I don’t know anything. YES, I’m completely clueless. YES, I’m open to Grace”.

It’s unpleasant for the mind to be empty of concepts, it wants to calculate the next move, but to break free from the influence it has with the need to control, we need to let go of our assumptions, ideas and opinions, and all our projections.

Then the false begin to fall away naturally, when we have surrendered Life to itself.

When you can’t go any further on your own, or by your own personal will, that’s the moment of surrender, that’s when a sincere and honest YES can be uttered in your heart.

When all your own attempts to make life happen the way you want it to go, when all your strategies has come to an end and there’s nothing more you can do; that’s when true transformation can happen.

It’s by failure we find our success. Not the success of the ego, but the victory of Spirit.

Say YES to that victory.

If there is any path to Truth, then that would be a sincere and heartfelt YES to this moment, as this moment is Life itself. 


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