The Price Of Truth Is Everything

Throw every concept into the fire of Truth and see what survives, what remains.

What can possibly survive but Truth itself?

What is the Truth?”.

Ask that.

Ask the questions that your ego doesn’t want you to ask.

You can do this or go back to reading horoscopes, your tarot cards or chanting and worshiping or whatever else there is in your spiritual tool-box, or you can move towards your own inner darkness and confront what needs to be confronted; which is your ego, which you (unconsciously) take to be your very own self. 

But for most people it’s too messy to go deeper into what is true and real for real so they put a patch on it by going back to infancy in their spiritual growth.

If things are not really bad people are unlikely to change, and if they are really bad then they look for a way out and the spiritual marketplace that is full of tools for the false self to use is the perfect place to go to so that it can feel a little bit better temporarily.

So in reality you’re not really alive but if your delusional state is somewhat ‘happy’, even if it’s temporarily, you will never grow up and mature spiritually; you will stay as a child for the rest of your life being trapped in a prison that you don’t even know exist.

People sometimes think the are happy, but they’re more like a puppy in a cage.

Puppies are happy too, but they are held captive without knowing that there’s a life outside of the cage; they are oblivious to even desire to be outside of it, yet that’s where life is in reality.

But when your focus shifts and you begin to seek Truth instead of merely relief from suffering, your whole life becomes a completely different ballgame.

Relief is for spiritual children and true relief (liberation) comes from relentlessly going for Truth until it reveals itself to you, and then you can never go back to the old suffering again, it’s just not possible.

But this takes guts. Lots of it.

It’s not all about bliss, it’s not about lit candles and incense and serene walks in the woods.

Spiritual liberation is something completely different than temporary relief for the wounded ego that is seeking freedom from itself. 

While new age spirituality and the like is about trying to make the false self feel better, Truth has nothing to do with that.

What the spiritual marketplace of mainstream spirituality (or even religion and other spiritual concepts) can offer and provide is the patch of temporary relief and countless of people are buying into it everyday.

Countless of people. 

And all it does is that it just moves them deeper and deeper into delusion.

Until something inside you wakes up and begins to move you out of that realm.

But you need to question what you’re doing (“What am I doing; why am I doing this?”), what life is about (“what is this “life”-thing really about?”), what your beliefs are, how you’re deluding yourself;

You have to start questioning everything in your existence.

You have to stop moving from this guru to that guru, from this religion to that religion, from this spiritual concept to the other and all the endless variety of spiritual solutions that you hope or believe will relieve you from your suffering, because none of them work; they are all about making the false self feel better.

Examine all your underlying assumptions about life, about yourself, about spirituality.

All of it; throw it into the fire of Truth!

Let your identity structure crumble, accept only Truth. 

Take me to Truth!”

What is the Truth?”

I only want the Truth, no matter how it looks”

These are all questions that will have a huge impact on your life when you start to ask them; they will have a huge impact on your reality once they have been asked with uttermost sincerity.

Question everything.

If one belief is true then all must be true, because what makes “this” belief true (the belief you hold) is but your belief in it.

That’s all it is; it’s only “true” because you ‘think’ it is.

You are in essence believing a thought to be true, just as the thought you have of yourself is also merely a thought and not true.

Your whole existence is held together by beliefs.


Imagine how fragile they are when you begin to strip them off one by one by examining them and inquiring into the reality of them!

If all those beliefs were taken away; who would you be, what would life be – without the belief or thought (the one you hold as being true)?

What would it be?

It’s only “true” to you, but in reality it’s not true at all, it’s just a belief. It has no base in reality. It’s all in the mind.

You believe a thought to be true, that’s all it is.

And when you look into this more and more you come to realize that if one belief is not true then all beliefs are not true, and this is usually a process. 

Not all beliefs are seen through immediately but once the momentum is on, they just fall away like domino bricks, one by one, off they go!

It took a while for me too to come to the clear realization and when it hit me, really hit me (on a non-conceptual level) I was liberated from them all.

You literally wake up from everything that holds the illusion together, and this is all part of the awakening process.

Awakening is not a elevated place or state of being, it’s our natural state of being.

It’s not about reaching some ‘evolved’ state of beingness but it’s what’s left when the false has been shed and dropped, so it’s not like you’ll be far ahead of others but you will instead realize that humanity is behind, and really far behind at some levels of ego consciousness.

That’s what you realize.

So you don’t become ‘better’ than others, you become, .. – actually, you become more ‘ordinary’ with the realization that awakening is nothing but the natural state of being where we all should be if things were not obstructed by the constructions of the ego (that are built up by nothing but belief-systems).

You become a whole new being but you don’t become “special”, you just become ‘you’, like you’re meant to be. (The original you, before you misidentified yourself with the ego). 

Sometimes when I look back on my own journey and spiritual growth I can’t but chuckle with amusement on all the things I have done in an attempt to save my ‘self’ – not knowing that the self I was trying to save and make empowered was not the real me. 

But we can’t see this until we are on the other side of illusion, then it becomes very clear.

So my invitation to you is this; throw everything into the fire of Truth and see what survives.

What can possibly remain but Truth itself?

This is the only quest worth doing; to go for Truth itself. 

Question everything


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