The Real You Is Already Here

Great spiritual growth comes from stop saying affirmations and start being. Get out of your mind!

Instead of affirming and chanting “I am love, I am love, I am love”, extend the love that you already are to the person you think least deserves it. Otherwise the love you speak of and crave to be so to speak is for self-serving purposes only.

When resentment is let go of the day comes when we are even able to say ‘thank you for the experience’, and we can clearly see how Life always presents us the perfect opportunity for spiritual growth by the very situation we find ourselves in.

Everything always serves Truth.

There’s nothing scarier for the ego than letting go of what we think we know, when we let go of our stories around our circumstances, when we simply see it without labeling it or calling it either good or bad.

You are that which you seek. It’s all the definitions and the insistence of holding on to the past or clinging to an imagined future where everything will be oh so fine that we suffer.

But when we are what we are, simply being what we have always been, life becomes very simple, and you realize that all the fuss you made of it previously is kind of amusing to think about now.

Realization is nothing to be gained; it is already here. No affirmations needed. Ask yourself who it is that needs to be trained into being what you already are…

With this kind of self inquiry, when looking closely at our assumptions and beliefs, we come to realize that all the thoughts we have had about ourselves is not who we are, no matter if they were positive or less flattering.

The truth of who we are can’t be found in thinking at all.

The truth of who we are is untouched by any concepts, labels or beliefs we have about ourselves, the real self is completely untouched and totally free already.

The only thing that keeps you from realizing that is the insistence of holding on to thinking, that’s the same thing as not wanting to let go of ignorance! Beliefs are all of the mind, while Truth is beyond all that.

The mind insists, because the thought-created self is a product of the mind itself!

It’s the refusal to look deeply into who it is that thinks he/she is not already complete, that thinks that they need to become someone before they can be themselves. It’s not enough to read the suggestion and feeling the resonance in the heart, one has to actually look too, to actually investigate for themselves.

When the ego is not given significance, it disappears, and the true the Self remains. It has to be seen for what it is. 

It’s nothing to be ‘reached’ or created, or to become or to be attained. It’s already here. Just let go of the false identification and the true will stand there as it always has, already infinitely present.

Only remove the ignorance, that is all there is to be done.

All very simple, but mind makes everything so complicated, it always has some kind of agenda, technique or something ‘to do’, while the letting go of all those things and concepts is the only thing that needs to be ‘done’! The letting go is simply letting go, there’s no special technique, healing, or three step program to do, just drop it. 

The ego-self does not exist at all, it’s only when thinking we are the person that we find ourselves in suffering and trouble, but the trouble itself is also created by the false self, but when we actually look for it, the ego vanishes and the real Self alone remains.

That’s what self inquiry is.

It’s not about finding out who you are that will free you, but to look closely at what you think you are, find out who the seeker is and the True Self will be found, or realized.

The false self even divides Oneness. Oneness has nothing to do with the person becoming one with God or whatever.

The person is that which falls away when Oneness is realized, because it wasn’t there to begin with.

The real you doesn’t need to be trained into anything. All learning (and programming/re-programming) is of the mind and no Truth can ever be found there, the thought-created self is not who we are at all, nothing needs to be added unto that, we are what we seek already.

It’s in the realization of that where the miracle lies.

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For now, just be.

You don’t have to believe your thoughts.

You don’t have to understand them, analyze them, or accomplish anything.

We are not our thoughts.

You don’t have to train yourself into believing you are lovable.

There’s an assumption in the affirmation “I am love” that you aren’t already and that you have to train (program) yourself into believing that.

As if you’re not enough, that you need to be fixed, that you’re inadequate.

We already are love.

“Stop all doing and just BE”


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  1. milla

    A beautiful article, with powerful insights to be made by your reader.
    It is downloadable too, I will regards this as a Christmas present from you, to all who come to your website.

    I hope Truth will bless you more and more.

  2. Thank you, glad to hear it resonated with you.

    Yes, downloadable too, sometimes it’s nice to read articles offline too isn’t it 🙂

    Blessings to you as well Milla!

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