The Symbolic Backpack Exercise

A great exercise that I often share with others is “The symbolic backpack exercise”:

The next time you are out walking or jogging; imagine you are carrying a backpack and mentally put all the different things you can think of that is holding you back somehow in it.

It can be situations, habits, thought-patterns, past hurts, disappointments, hurt feelings, illnesses, depressions, energy sucking people, just about anything that you can think of that you know is not good for you to hold on to.

Put it all in the bag mentally.

Feel it getting heavier and heavier, and when you are done; when the backpack is filled with everything you are ready to leave behind, take it off your back and let it go.

Feel the lightness of having let go of it.

No one knows what goes on in your mind so even if there are other people around you, you can still do this.

And I would also suggest that when you are mentally taking it off of your back, you also see to it that you’re emotionally involved in the process and that you use constructive inner self-talk that is empowering for you by saying things like:

“I’m FREE! I don’t need this anymore in my life and have now let go of it, and I feel GREAT!! Everything has been forgiven, I am free and they are free, I’m no longer bound to any of the old stuff!!”

And why not even take a few happy jumps/steps forward and really feel the freedom of letting it all go 😀

When you have done this, you continue walking/jogging while in your minds eye you see the backpack (that is now laying somewhere on the ground behind you) getting swallowed up by the earth, and right there at same place it got swallowed up by the earth a beautiful little flower, or a tree, is growing up from the soil of the earth.

In its place is now beauty; Your ‘ugly’ has turned itself to beauty. 


The subconscious mind responds to our symbolic acts, so whatever we do symbolically has a great impact on it.

Feel the freedom and joy within you and know that the

subconscious mind has taken this symbolic act as truth!

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