The Vortex

If you are into the universal law of attraction, or have just began to study it, you will at some point encounter the word “Vortex”, which comes from the teachings of Abraham. (Esther and Jerry Hicks)

— But what is this Vortex-thing anyway..?

A simple way to understand the Vortex is this:

  • Before your birth into this physical body, you were in the Vortex (no
    resistant thought resides there).
  • A part of the Consciousness that was you is now focused into the
    physical you that you know as you.
  • The contrast of your life causes you to send rockets of expansion
    into your Vortex, where the larger Non-Physical part of you exists.
  • The Vortex, which holds only your positive requests for improvement
    and expansion, holds no thoughts that contradict improvement and
  • The Law of Attraction responds to the pure, nonresistant Vibration of
    your Vortex and gathers all cooperative, Vibrational- matching components that are necessary for the completion of the creation.
  • You are one of the components of your creation.
  • In fact, you are the creation.
  • So the only question is: Are you, from your physical format, right
    now, a Vibrational Match to your creation? Or not?
  • And the way you feel, right now, as you focus upon the subject of
    creation is your answer.
  • If you are angry – you are not a Vibrational Match – and you are not
    in the Vortex.
  • If you are feeling appreciation – you are a Vibrational Match – and
    you are in the Vortex.

The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation, of
experiencing the absolute absence of resistance, of achieving complete
alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and of
bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire – is
being in the state of appreciation. And there is no more important
object of attention to which you must flow your appreciation than that
of self.

The habit of thought, or belief, that holds most people outside of their
Vortex of Creation, more than all other thoughts put together, is the
lack of appreciation of self.

The Vortex, page 179-180

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  1. Hello Maria,
    I thoroughly enjoyed this article!
    It proves I am certainly on the right track:0)
    You have such a beautiful way of relaxing one’s thoughts as you write and explain!
    What a truly unique gift that is…
    Wishing you abundances of happiness always,

  2. Maria Erving

    Thank you so much for your kind words Jackie 🙂
    I really appreciate hearing that <3
    ~ Abundance and Happiness to you too! 😀

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