joy in the present moment

There can be joy and peace now

Joy comes when you’re present in the Now.

When we live this way, when you begin to dwell in the silence of the present moment, you will find that joy will come quite naturally.

Joy just happens, it comes to you.

By surrendering to this moment, by letting go fully into it, we also let go fully into peace, and from that peace, joy can well up.

To me nature is the greatest place to be and as I look at all the beautiful flowers, trees, insects and plants I can’t but think that life is pretty awesome.

Today I want to invite you to look at your life, look at what you have, and appreciate this moment fully for what it is, wherever you are.

Life can have its ups and downs, but there’s always plenty of high points and maybe this moment could be one of them.

Because it could.

It really is all about our attitude, mindset and our ability to see beyond appearances.

Joy is a deeper aspect of peace, and peace can come from gratitude, and gratitude comes from feeling even the slightest bit of appreciation of what is good in your life, right now.

See how they all string together, one leading to the other, but felt as a whole.

There can be joy Now.

When we have our presence in the here and now, in the present moment, it will show us the beauty of Now, of Life.

Look at something/someone in your life and realize that you have something of value, it could be something like your (good) health for example.

Just pick something and appreciate it and let that appreciation take you to a deeper place within you where you can feel your heart expanding and a smile coming over your lips.

Because this is it, this is your life, and isn’t it pretty amazing, no matter what challenges there might be?

Isn’t it pretty good after all, looking around you (and in your heart), seeing what you’re seeing?

Joy is a spiritual quality that is internal, it comes from appreciation and a bigger perspective that fuels gratitude.

So right now, close your eyes for a moment and really savor and value this moment; become really good friends with it by appreciating it.

Smile, and say Thank You – and really feel it in your heart.


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