There is a Mystery (Go with it)

We are a mystery, we are the mystery. 

We can never understand ourselves fully and life unfolds in a shedding process, we change skin continuously and the more we push ourselves – in whatever way that is unique for us – the more we grow and discover.

A thing we do, like this thing I did, might not have the purpose we thought it would have and not until we have dared to ‘go there’, not until after the fact can we know its true meaning and previously hidden purposes.

I changed (my mind transformed again) after this and thinking back and even reading the post again makes me smile because it clicked something into place for me, but not as I thought at the time I wrote it.

The mystery of Life, how it moves is just so incredible. 

I can see with more and more clarity but the more I see the less I can say or explain. Existence is like an ocean of consciousness.

We just have to jump in, do what we feel prompted to do from within and then we’ll see what happens.

I was a bit apprehensive about publishing that particular article because it can be easily misunderstood, it can create a dualistic picture of the process if someone has not seen through the veil of illusion and if they want to keep a belief ”in something”.

Usually that ‘something’ is an entity of some kind (a God, angel, spirit guide etc), so I want to clarify that; that is not what I mean, and most of you know that, I just want to make that very clear.

That ”something” is within us (all ‘powers’ are within, both weak and strong powers) and every projected image, vision, or even voice that manifests for us, those are all created by us (our brain and mind).

I have seen a lot of things, I have heard voices, had profound visions, seen ”divine beings” and so on, and I know how powerful those things are to experience, but I also know that I created them; Life created them in order to evolve and grow in this human form. 

The mystery asks us to know it more and more by letting go of what is not ‘working’, what is not in alignment, what is blocking our flow, and that usually has to do with us not being real or honest with ourselves, or there is a belief that we take as Truth when in reality it’s just a belief and not true at all.

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Or, we are afraid of pushing the boundaries, to go beyond ourselves.

But the greater power that is within can’t come forth in greater and greater ways unless we let it roam freely, and how do we do that?

Push the limits of your own powers, you know when it’s too much, it’s an intuitive game.

It can be mentally; you need to push yourself to think in greater ways, to open up for the genius within.

It can be physical, you need to push your athletic boundaries, it can be spiritual, you need to push through beliefs and concepts, or it can be emotional or in any other way.

Push yourself. Go beyond yourself. 

It’s not a spiritual thing, this is a thing of Life.

People who have done genius things and who are innovative, mathematically gifted or intellectual etc, they don’t throw their hands up in the air because they have ‘failed’ a few times or because they don’t understand something right away.

Same with people who are athletically gifted.

They push through, and because they do that they become stronger, faster.

Or if someone is more spiritually or emotionally attuned; they think deeply, feel deeply; they go beyond what they did yesterday and the day before that. 

However you are wired intellectually, spiritually, physically or emotionally – you need to (if you want flow and a sense of aliveness in your life) continue to go beyond what you were yesterday and you do it by challenging yourself, questioning everything, and being relentlessly honest and real with yourself.

Stretch yourself, go beyond yourself, and when you do you automatically drop and leave behind aspects of yourself that you have outgrown or that are weak.

The mystery unfolds and reveals itself in a continuous shedding process;

It leaves behind the old and it embraces the new as it discovers more and more about Itself, and our part in this is to go with it, to dare follow the ideas that come to you even if they seem a bit weird at times.

I have done some really crazy stuff in the past that I laugh out loud at now when I remember and think back, but those things were really important for me to do because they revealed the Truth for me (I did them even if they seemed “weird” to my ego).

They helped me in awakening to Truth, not in the way I thought they would, but in the way that the mystery moves.

And it continuous indefinitely; the mystery can never be fully known and that’s the wonder of Life 🙂 

Life is a mysteriuos journey
Embrace the mystery of life. Whenever life seem stagnant or the status quo is boredom, that only means we are holding ourselves in a comfortable (dull) place and we’re not allowing ourselves to grow.

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