give up resistance

This too, shall pass away

Everything is always changing, Life is always flowing. 

Nothing is permanent, so let things come and go freely.

Let people and things come and go, hold on to nothing or no one. 

Let Life flow, and flow with it without resistance. 

Enjoy the good times fully, and also make the most of the challenging times by learning from them, facing them head-on and overcoming them. 

Know that change is always happening.

The flow of life is constant and it’s always in movement. 

Challenges are not staying with you forever, but neither are that which you consider to be “good”. 

Good friends and lovers come and go throughout our lives, as well as pets and our companionship with them. 

We experience love, and we experience grief.

It all passes.

All things in life passes, they come and go, all for us to enjoy and also grow and learn from. 

Nothing stays forever. 

So really savor this moment, because in essence, this moment is your whole life.

The next moment is your life too, but you can’t know it before you ‘get there’ and you are always here, now. 

This moment is full and whole,

.. And it too shall pass. 

The good times, the bad times, all of our days and moments are in a constant flux. 

So don’t fret about things, let them go. 

Don’t let things disturb you too much.

Deal with them confidently, knowing that ‘this too, shall pass’. 

Nothing is forever and nothing lasts forever.

We cry, we laugh, we do our human things, and while doing them, I hope you really LIVE

Because life is precious. This moment is precious.

There’s so much to be grateful for.

So stay in the flow, stay in LOVE, and don’t let anything frighten you or throw you off path.

Look around you, see the people and animals you have in your life as the blessings they are.

Appreciate them while you ‘have them’.

Enjoy them fully, right now, today.

Love them, and bless them

Enjoy this day and decide to stay peaceful even in the midst of the storms in life.

Enjoy the spring time, the summer, the fall, and the winter.

Enjoy the harvest time of life, and also enjoy the time you plant the seeds.

Enjoy the growing, the nurturing, and also do the necessary cropping and weeding without resentment and grumpiness.

Life is an ongoing process and everything has its own time, place and season. 

You can’t hold back the tides of the sea.

But you can let go fully into the flow.

No matter what it is in life, it has come to pass, not to stay.

So enjoy it fully, and freely.

Hold on to nothing.

Let things flow in and out of your life freely.

If you’re sick you will get well, if your alone you will get friends, if your sad you will get happy.

And if you’ll go through a crisis you’ll soon have celebrations and great achievements too. 

If you’re going through a challenging time right now, know that there will be a day soon when you’re sitting at home, completely relaxed and happy.

Because this too, shall pass.

The only assurance we can have in life is that all things will pass.

Tune into the flow of life and be at peace.

Nothing lasts forever and the faster you can get back into the flow, the faster things change into something else.

It’s the grasping and holding on, the refusal of letting go and the fear of losing that stagnates and hinders the flow from moving as freely and easily as its meant to flow.

It’s always the holding on that stagnates and frustrates the flow.

So breathe, and let go.

Life is growth, and life is change.

Appreciate the blessings you have in your life right now.

Accept the blessings and the challenges as part of your life experience.

Find fulfillment and meaning and enjoy the days however they look or appear to the false self’s perception.

Something greater is always happening in the background of what we can perceive.

When we get the higher view we can sense the underlying order of things and we can relax into the moment fully trusting the unfoldment of it and knowing that, ‘yes, this too, shall pass away’. 

Both the heartaches and and the joys will pass.

Everyday of your life will come to pass.

So make the most of your days, make them count. 

Nothing that ever happens is final and everything is always open to change.

This is something we have control over. You have full control, 100% control, over your attitude towards life. 

The more you stay open, the more you flow with life, and the more you flow, the more receptive you become to experiencing more and more of the good in life because you’re confidently moving with the changes.

And by doing that, by moving with the flow, with Life, resistance falls away.

You’re neither grasping or holding on or living in fear and worry about losing something or someone, but you’re simply present in the moment and responding to it from a place of Spirit.

The soul is always free and your Spirit is always wanting to have this moment fully in its experience.

When resistance falls away there is peace and from a peaceful state of mind and heart all good things flow.

So enjoy your life, be in the moment, don’t let the ego scare you away from it, and move from here, from this moment on, with confidence and appreciation.

Because remember; This too, shall pass away.

So be here fully.

Live, move, and have your being in the flow of Life and you will always have peace and a deep love-connection with Life, with the Universe, and with yourself. 

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