This Too Shall Pass (Make it pass Now)

Whatever challenges we might be facing in life is not who we are.

We have the power to transform ourselves the moment we become aware of the meaning we choose to give to our circumstances in life.

Any kind of endings, like for example a divorce, bankruptcy, health problems etc, whatever it might be, we also have to remember that in the circumstances there’s also a powerful new beginning.

In the new beginning, however it looks, there’s space for new intentions and new possibilities that would not have been visible for us when we looked at the world from where we were before.

Something happened, okay. So something happened, that is the fact.

Now we need to look at the Truth of the matter, without ignoring or neglecting the facts of the circumstances of life, we have to choose to see with new eyes on ‘what is’ and not what our mind tells us about what is.

The reality is that there’s only two choices we can make at any point, and that is the choice to move forward or stay with the ‘fact’ and keep it alive by rehearsing it and never allow ourselves to be transformed by it.

How do we do that?

By not identifying ourselves with any circumstances.

What happens (or has happened) to us is not who we are.

Remove all labels of the old self, like for example the label of being “a divorcee”, “person with such and such disease or illness”, “the unemployed one”, “the bankrupt/broke person”, “difficult childhood-person” or whatever it is that you might call yourself that dis-empowers you somehow.

Let the labels go and create a new, positive inner self-talk and that will then also begin to reflect outwards on how you conduct yourself in the world, and then your perspective and outlook changes with that transformation as well.

A shift happens within when we stop the old script, or when we take our attention away from the ‘facts’ and we look at things from a higher perspective.

Would you go see a movie again that you once walked out from because it was so bad?

It was so bad that you decided you’re not going to watch it, that you have better things to do with your time than to watch a bad movie, so you walked out.

And you moved on with your life. You didn’t go back to watch it again.

Yet this is what most people do with the movie in their minds.

If it’s not empowering and nurturing, don’t watch it again!

Write a new movie script instead, about a future that you can be excited about, that empowers you and inspires you.

Detach yourself from the old movie (the labels and meanings you have given to yourself and your circumstances) and create a new vision for your life.

Completely detach yourself from the movie in your mind about how he/she left you, how broke you are, what your mom did to you, what he or she said, how rejected you felt, how you’re struggling and so on.

Stop all that and start moving in a different direction.

I am not my past or my circumstances. I choose to see this as a new beginning and I am divinely guided every step of the way. I am not under any circumstances, I’m over them! I am powerful!”.

Choose your future with your words and inner talk; change your language because it’s your declaration that something “is so”. Nothing needs to stay as it is.

Declare your independence from the circumstances or your past and spend your time and energy on transformation, healing, introspection and stimulating and uplifting conversations about what’s possible and where you want to go from here.

You could begin by writing a love-letter to yourself, a letter from your future self, say a year from now.

Looking back from that perspective, from having all the wisdom you have a year from now, all the insight you have gained, what would you say to yourself?

How would you encourage yourself, now that you know how it all worked out for the best?

Here’s an example of what you could write in the letter:

“Dear ________,

I remember when you struggled a year ago, how sad/angry/frustrated you were, how difficult things were, and it makes me so happy to see what became of you from all that.

I cherish you for how you handled_________ and _________.

The most profound teaching you gained from the struggles was ________ and ________ and I am so proud of you for that!

I remember when you decided to _________ and how that made your heart sing. 

I also remember how empowered you felt when you _________. 

How special that moment was!

I think that was the most beautiful thing you have ever done for yourself and I am so happy that you did. Look at you now! 

I am so grateful that you never gave up, even when there certainly were times when you almost did, yet you persevered and you believed in me.

You believed in me! 

Because of what you did, and how you grew from your struggles and tribulations, I am who and what I am today.

I am __________ because of how you chose to handle the difficult times you had a year ago. Life has changed so much since then, and I am so grateful.

Thank you. 

I love you so, so much.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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And lastly, here’s another one that just came to mind:

It’s one of my older articles, but with the full moon eclipse coming up tomorrow I thought it could be helpful to use this time to de-clutter and let go of not only stuff, but all sorts of things that doesn’t serve us anymore.

It doesn’t even have to be huge things, it can be small, simple things like going through your drawers, un-follow people online that you have out-grown, or whatever it may be for you.

De-cluttering is always good for us, and whatever items we don’t use anymore someone else might love, so giving away old clothes for example is a great thing to do. (When old energy is released, new energy can take its place).

I don’t personally believe in Astrology anymore and I don’t have any emotional changes around full moons anymore. It’s only when we believe that full moons are suppose to be emotional times that they are, but when the belief is let go of those things no longer exist for us.

What I do still experience though is the ending and completion aspect of the monthly cycles of full moons, and yesterday I looked up when the full moon is because there are so many wonderful completions and endings in my life right now (new, healthier food choices for example, so out with crappy foods!) so I thought “I wonder if it’s full moon now?”, and then I read that it’s actually a full moon eclipse.

If you recognize in your own life that there are endings, or you feel drawn to change routines or habits, or let go of negative relationships or whatever it is, use this day to go for it, really make the changes you feel drawn to do.

Most importantly is to let go of the past, don’t drag it to the present moment any longer.

This is something I see in many people, they are stuck in the past, unwilling to let go of victim-hood and old hurts. You must forgive.

You have to, if you want to live a free and joyous life, so please use this day and evening to forgive everyone that has ever hurt you, and also forgive yourself.

Even if you feel you have done no wrong do it anyway (say the affirmation on the pic slowly and feelingly to yourself and really mean it).

Write down all the old stuff you are now willing to let go of and forgive and then go out this evening and sit somewhere quietly and ceremoniously burn the paper and really sincerely feel that you are freeing yourself of the burden of unforgiveness, and you will feel freedom and relief of letting go, I promise you that.

Then go to bed and rejoice of what is to begin when you wake up in the morning; a new era in your life that is full of freshness and newness, of LIFE and vitality!

What does it matter if it is the full moon eclipse energies or not; if you are in the process of shedding the old now and you can relate to what I say, then why not go full throttle into it and reeeally let go and free yourself to begin fresh, rejuvenated and ready to embrace the newness of life?

Why not go with the flow and really de-clutter and shed the old? That’s how we can let in the new, by making space for it.


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