Thoughts are seeds

Thoughts has tremendous power, they are like seeds we plant in our minds.

Just like the oak seed is destined to become a great oak tree; if the seed is not nurtured and given sun and soil to grow in, it will not evolve into a big tree.

If we don’t tend our garden and weed out all the negative thoughts, so will we crush the seed we planted.

The potential for positive growth is always there, within the seed, within our mind and thoughts, but we have to give it a wonderful garden to grow in.

We do so by having our focus only on that which we want to experience in our life.

We nurture the dream, even when things seem to go wrong; we have to look in the right direction.

Ask yourself:

  • What is trying to emerge from within?
  • What do I need to know in order to move forward?
  • Who do I need to become?

“What does my soul want?”

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


  1. Thank you for another beautiful post, my beautiful friend.

    A poem for you… a small gift of appreciation…

    He reaches to the sky
    Majestic and strong
    Powerfully rooted
    In oneness he’s found

    Circles of life
    Flowing and new
    Glorious grandeur
    Lover of earth

    When the seasons are right
    And the leaves grow broad
    Acorns of newness
    Fall to the ground

    With water and air
    Purveyors of life
    Some acorns then sprout
    Reach into the dirt

    All levels of love
    Circles of wonder
    Acorn to earth
    Earth to new growth

    With patience and oneness
    In all that life grants
    The tree will grow tall
    Home to many lives

    We are indeed all growing in this one true wonder we call life on this little planet. And each of us, whether acorn or seedling or magnificent oak, or even the fallen ones, giving home to the worms, each of us has an important place, an irreplaceable role. It’s a beautiful dance, for sure, and for real.

    Many thanks again for the inspiration and for the many gifts you have bestowed upon me.

    With love, in light,

  2. Kloka ord! Som nån sa en gång-varför gräset kan verka grönare på den andra sidan är kanske för att man glömt att vattna sin egen gräsmatta! 🙂 Eller nåt sånt..

  3. 😀 Ja, det ar viktigt att uppskatta det man har idag, innan universet ger en mer att uppskatta- den svarar till var vibration,
    och om man inte vill ha en “hemmagjord spikmatta” (grasmattan du namnde:-) sa bor man vattna den med goda tankar 🙂

  4. Absolutely Jonathan, it’s so important!

    Not only does our self-talk mold our life experience, but what we allow into our minds from the world is just as important to be aware of.

    Being selective about what we expose ourselves to is crucial as our brains are always processing the data we feed it.

    So feed it right, nurture it and give it the right substance to work with! 😊

    To not be a vigilant gatekeeper of your mind you block yourself from the abundance, happiness and fulfillment that life has in store for you.

    If we allow others to pollute and manipulate our minds we diminish the quality of our life in all areas.

    Awareness is power.

    Having the right inner talk/self talk is power, using your imagination in the right way is power, and not only does it empower us but it also keeps the brain focused in a clear direction of our own choosing.

    This makes us productive, efficient, and it keeps our creativity and deep-thinking capacities in full working order.

    Everything in life improves when we focus on our priorities and weed out everything that eats up our time and distracts us from our path.

    That’s how to ignite a magical life!

    Watch your mind and keep it clear, fresh and open to all the wonderful opportunities of the Universe! 😊

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