Maybe it’s time to step through the threshold of change?

Most people choose to go with the ego voice, totally oblivious of the fact that it is deceiving them.

The awareness you have of it (higher self-awareness) is what is going to help you transcend it.

Every time a person is about to make a choice that will alter their life in a some way the false self will appear and come up very strongly against their new choice.

This is the threshold challenge, and there can be doubt, fear, and insecurity coming up but then the moment also comes when you decide to go for it, whatever it is (unless you let your fear stop you).

And when you do, your life opens up in new ways and new directions can be shown to you, but they can’t come before you have made the decision to step into the unknown.

It’s a process that we all go through at times when we are about to make commitments or changes in our life that will alter the course of it in some way.

Trust your gut-feeling, that’s always my advice.

Sometimes it’s very clear to us that something is right but sometimes it might tell us that the timing is not right, that you need more information before you make a decision about something.

If so, go with it, trust yourself and do the thing you feel inclined to do, but do start the process.

Start asking around, investigating, researching and so on. Do some deep soul-searching even.

Navel-gaze about it, but DO something.

Start moving your consciousness in a different direction, a direction that promotes progress. 

Don’t just stand there, at the threshold of change. 

Never let the fearful voice inside your head stop you from taking a step into the unknown that will help you grow, evolve and transform; never let it rule your life. 

This is your life, remember that, it does not belong to the voice in your head that only wants to keep you small and fearful (because that’s where it feels safe; in the familiar status quo).

If you feel that something has to change in your life, then let this post be an invitation or ‘sign‘ for you to begin moving in the direction of your heart.

Is there a relationship in your life that is not working out for you anymore, even after you’ve tried and tried and done all you can?

Is there a business partnership that needs to be discussed further before you make an important decision but that you have been postponing because you’re unsure? 

Or maybe there’s something else you’ve been nudged to do;

To propose to someone, or buy something big, like a house, or perhaps even get a pet or go for a trip around the world or some other traveling that you have wanted to do for the longest of times?

Maybe the time has come now to do that.

What is your gut feeling telling you?

And are you ready to take the step and walk through the threshold of change? 

the door is open
The door is wide open and you will always step up higher as you walk through it. The key is to DO IT.

When you follow the flow of mass consciousness, you feel alone, abandoned, stuck and contracted. When you follow the flow of your own life's energy, help is available and you're supported by the universe and experience progress and continuous expansion.

If you're ready to make the shift, I'm here for you.


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