Thy will be done

“In little whispers… your intuition is telling you something. Did you not pay attention?

The universe will speak to you a little louder – with a little tap on the shoulder.

Then you get hit in the head by a “brick”.

Still not paying attention? A brick falls on you.

Still not hearing it? Then you experience a full-blown earthquake”.

~Oprah Winfrey

Most of us, if not all, has sometimes got the ‘brick’ fallen upon us, and although I have always had a very strong intuition and I trust it 100%, there has been times in my past where I have ignored it.

I have even been shown inner pictures of a potential future if I chose a particular path, and even so, I did chose it, only to find out years later that it was going to be even more difficult than I would have ever thought.

But nevertheless I did it. This was years and years ago, in a distant past, and today I see it as a very important time regarding things I had to learn that I wouldn’t have a clue about (my self) if I hadn’t walked down that road at the time.

All of us sometimes encounter times in our lives where we hesitate a bit and feel doubt, and even if I trust my intuition and never let it come to the point where I’m actually (metaphorically:-) hit by the brick anymore, I too sometimes feel confusion about what the inner voice its telling me. (those are the times when I pray a lot so that I’m able to hear better)

For sometime now I have had this gnawing feeling inside of me to make a certain change in my life, or better said, a huge release of something, and to be honest with you; I have felt it for a very long time now.

As a whisper, like Oprah said in the quote; just a feeling of something not being quite right, although I have enjoyed it too at times. The feelings has come and gone and I have released it a bit sometimes and then later on taken it back.

This has been a process of spiritual surrendering for me, and obviously I have only done it halfheartedly (even if I at times when I did let go, I did let go 100% at that precise moment) but the thing is that I have been asked to release and let go completely. Sometimes that’s a scary thing to do.

I know I write a bit enigmatic but it is a very big thing for me and I’m not ready to really share the whole story just yet. (and I’ll be writing about it in a new book that I’m planning 🙂

My message is, and the point I want to make, is that I have come to truly believe that there might be a divine plan for me that I have resisted with the pursuit of my own goals and dreams. I have felt it intuitively but I have been scared to let go. I believe there is something within me that is calling me to do something that I at this moment in time have no clue about and I’m now waiting and listening for direction towards it.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active online recently (and from time to time), and that is because I have been tending to my energy and I have done a lot of communication with God and listening to what it is that is happening in my life from a spiritual perspective.

I have been in a process where suddenly everything felt just plain “wrong” – everything but writing, so besides writing I have been asking myself some really serious questions and I just now feel that something is brewing just below the surface – from having felt that I was thrown into a vacuum I now feel that I have been making room for something totally new.

Just yesterday I had this huge dilemma when it came to making a choice about something that I have felt somewhat ‘obligated’ to do for a while (I haven’t done it out of obligation, because I don’t do things that feels wrong, but I have felt obligated and then when I haven’t done it, I have felt bad about it), while wrestling with God who tells me to not do the thing I felt obligated to do and just continue to write and surrender my own goals for something else.

When pretty much every choice feels ‘wrong’ it’s really hard to make the ‘right’ one, so I asked God to make it very clear to me what the right action on my part would be in a way that I could really recognize it so that I could chose what is best for me, or even better, I asked God to make the choice for me so that I could move on. So ‘he’ did.

Something was clearly changed for me (without me doing anything other than letting it be changed and trusting that it was the right thing that occurred) this morning and I feel a relief today and that is how I know that my path is corrected as I asked it to be. The feeling of relief is what we want to achieve as Abraham Hicks puts it.

What comes next in my life regarding what I have been wrestling with; I have no idea, I just know that I want to actively listen to my intuition and spend many moments every day to really maintain my oneness with God and not get into the false belief of separation – I know that that is the way to prevent oneself from being hit by ‘bricks’ of any kind.

“Thy will be done” is a very powerful statement – but it’s something we humans tend to surrender to occasionally and then take it back when we get struck by fearful thoughts.

This time though, for me, I feel more faith and trust than ever before – I can honestly say that, and however things may look now, I’m determined to stop jo-joing with God.

I have let go, and I feel lighter 🙂
I love “A Course in Miracles“, and wanted to share with you lesson 71:

Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

You may not realize that the ego has set up a plan for salvation in opposition to God’s. It is this plan in which you believe. Since it is the opposite of God’s, you also believe that to accept God’s plan in place of the ego’s is to be damned. This sounds preposterous, of course. Yet after we have considered just what the ego’s plan is, perhaps you will realize that, however preposterous it may be, you do believe in it.

The ego’s plan for salvation centers around holding grievances. It maintains that, if someone else spoke or acted differently, if some external circumstance or event were changed, you would be saved. Thus, the source of salvation is constantly perceived as outside yourself. Each grievance you hold is a declaration, and an assertion in which you believe, that says, “If this were different, I would be saved.” The change of mind necessary for salvation is thus demanded of everyone and everything except yourself.

The role assigned to your own mind in this plan, then, is simply to determine what, other than itself, must change if you are to be saved. According to this insane plan, any perceived source of salvation is acceptable provided that it will not work. This ensures that the fruitless search will continue, for the illusion persists that, although this hope has always failed, there is still grounds for hope in other places and in other things. Another person will yet serve better; another situation will yet offer success.

Such is the ego’s plan for your salvation. Surely you can see how it is in strict accord with the ego’s basic doctrine, “Seek but do not find.” For what could more surely guarantee that you will not find salvation than to channelize all your efforts in searching for it where it is not?

God’s plan for salvation works simply because, by following His direction, you seek for salvation where it is. But if you are to succeed, as God promises you will, you must be willing to seek there only. Otherwise, your purpose is divided and you will attempt to follow two plans for salvation that are diametrically opposed in all ways. The result can only bring confusion, misery and a deep sense of failure and despair.

How can you escape all this? Very simply. The idea for today is the answer. Only God’s plan for salvation will work. There can be no real conflict about this, because there is no possible alternative to God’s plan that will save you. His is the only plan that is certain in its outcome. His is the only plan that must succeed.

Let us practice recognizing this certainty today. And let us rejoice that there is an answer to what seems to be a conflict with no resolution possible. All things are possible to God. Salvation must be yours because of His plan, which cannot fail.

Begin the two longer practice periods for today by thinking about today’s idea, and realizing that it contains two parts, each making equal contribution to the whole. God’s plan for your salvation will work, and other plans will not. Do not allow yourself to become depressed or angry at the second part; it is inherent in the first. And in the first is your full release from all your own insane attempts and mad proposals to free yourself. They have led to depression and anger; but God’s plan will succeed. It will lead to release and joy.

Remembering this, let us devote the remainder of the extended practice periods to asking God to reveal His plan to us. Ask Him very specifically:

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?

Give Him full charge of the rest of the practice period, and let Him tell you what needs to be done by you in His plan for your salvation. He will answer in proportion to your willingness to hear His Voice. Refuse not to hear. The very fact that you are doing the exercises proves that you have some willingness to listen. This is enough to establish your claim to God’s answer.

In the shorter practice periods, tell yourself often that God’s plan for salvation, and only His, will work. Be alert to all temptation to hold grievances today, and respond to them with this form of today’s idea:

Holding grievances is the opposite
of God’s plan for salvation.
And only His plan will work.

Try to remember today’s idea some six or seven times an hour. There could be no better way to spend a half minute or less than to remember the Source of your salvation, and to see It where It is.

Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it.

Once you’re freed from the past and blockages are released and dissolved, a sense of renewal and liberation comes over you and you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness and inner joy, peace and confidence.

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


  1. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

  2. Steven Morse

    I’ve been sensitive to intuition thoughts all my life…knowing things that would happen before they did…knowing past aspects and actions of people I’d just met…etc. However, it is only recently that I’ve begun to develop this. I enjoyed how you have reached similar conclusions in that you are developing your listening skills. Sounds like we are on the same path. Thanks for the article.

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