The Principle of Tithing (Teleclass)

This weeks Teleclass will be about the principle of tithing, what it is and what it’s not and my thoughts and experiences with it.

I have been wanting to talk about the concept for a long time but was waiting for the right time – and strangely enough I feel it’s the right time now regardless of how my financial situation looks, and I also just received an email today where one of my readers asked me about it so I take that as a sign as well.

Here’s a snippet of what he wrote:

“I’m also not sure about the tithing thing. Where did that tradition come from?

It sounds like yet another of organized religion’s means of providing for its maintenance costs, or more cynically, a means of control.

Again, in theory it sounds great, but when you are having a hard time paying your bills, why would you do that?

It isn’t very practical, and why would God expect you to go through all that uncertainty and worry?

It’s like a regressive tax, harder on the poor than the rich.

Of course I am able to view it from a consciousness perspective, that in actual fact we all possess everything, but in practical terms, someone will use violence to prevent us from accessing it if we try.

We often hear about some wealthy people and the foundations they started, etc.

But it is literally easy and advantageous by the tax code to do so, making people who acquired wealth by exploiting others look virtuous. I’m not buying it.

After a certain point there is no sacrifice to tithing.

Still I must say I admire those who are committed to giving. In my case, I do give small amounts but by no means 10%, not even close.

If I did, I would fall behind and lose what little inner peace I’ve managed to find”.

I’m going to address some of his comments/questions but mainly I will be speaking about what tithing really is and why I think it’s great and so on because I too had a similar view on tithing before I learned about it and understood the principle for what it really is.

I think tithing is wonderful actually, but it has not always been so. 

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