To Thine Own Self Be True

“This above all: to thine own self be true” – W. Shakespeare

In any situation when you feel that something is off or uncomfortable, ask yourself if you’re being true to yourself.

And if you are true to yourself you might be worrying about what other people think of you because of that.

Be real with yourself, and correct the course if needed, but never succumb to other people’s opinions just to fit in.

If you feel uncomfortable because someone disagrees with you, you need to brush it off and not give it any further attention.

Continue being You, regardless of what other say or think.

Don’t conform or change your statement of something simply to fit in.

There will always be someone that gets upset or offended but you are not responsible for their emotional reactions.

They are.

If what you say or do makes you comfortable and you feel that you’re being true to yourself, that means you’re aligned with yourself and your own inner truth so continue being that.

That doesn’t make you superior to anyone, but it shouldn’t make you feel inferior either.

It’s just one person thinking for themselves (not following the herd) and expressing themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some will listen and respect you for that, others will get offended and even angry because you don’t conform to what they think is ‘right’.

Ignore their ego and pay attention to your own reactions.

If you experience any tension within yourself because of how others react, see it as an opportunity to do some deeper work on yourself.

Every situation we encounter can teach us something and if someone ruffles our feathers it simply shows us that there’s some further inner work to be done.

Look at the alternative: You can grow from it or you can stay upset or offended and thus spiritually immature.

You can be moved along by convention or social norms just because others are doing so, or you can stay true to yourself regardless of what others expect or want from you.

This is where integrity comes in; an internal unity and natural choice to stay true to what you value over what will make you popular and ‘liked’ by others.

The reason people feel disconnected from themselves is because they are on some level not being true to themselves.

If you truly believe your life is sacred, that you matter, then you better start listening to what is going on on a deeper level that is beyond the approval-seeking ego.

In order to be true to yourself, you need to know yourself.

When you begin being true to yourself, you’ll transform into a confident and content individual for the simple reason that that’s how it’s meant to be.

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shakespeare quote
There is no better way to live than a life true to yourself. (In the picture; La Maroma, the highest mountain in the province of Malaga, Spain).

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