I’m in Trivandrum now! (Kerala)

I feel I’m back in India again! Goa was very touristy and not very “Indian” to me so I’m glad to have left although while I was there I of course enjoyed it.

Trivandrum (or Thiruvananthapuram) is the capital city of Kerala and I have been here for a couple of days or so and will be leaving this bustling city on Wednesday to spend some time in the mountains in Munnar.

I love the contrast!

Munnar has beautiful nature, tea plantations and cooler weather (and rain!) so I look very much forward to go there.

It’s really hot here in Trivandrum now, about 33 degrees C. and in Munnar the average temperature right now is about 26 degrees C.

Since I came to Trivandrum I have been exploring the city, walked for miles everywhere and been to the different Bazaar’s and markets, and yesterday I also visited a few museums.

I have one more that I want to visit and that’s the Science and Technology museum.

Museums are usually not my thing but since I’m here in the city and they are close by, I thought ‘why not?’. 

I didn’t visit the zoo though;

I don’t get what the entertainment value is in looking at animals that are held prisoners, I can’t even walk by the entrance of a zoo without feeling the pain for the animals and the embarrassment of the twisted and sick human nature who finds these things “fun”.

Anyways, ..

It’s great to be here! 🙂 

I also went to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple after someone recommended me to go there and this is a perfect example of why I always ask people about their own experiences (and not just what tourist books says)!

I have to ask this person why he recommended it to me saying “the swami temple is a must if you’re in Kerala!” because when I arrived there I wasn’t allowed to go inside because I’m not a Hindu and I wasn’t allowed to take a picture of the entrance either (not that it was anything special).

And since it was guarded by armed military men and didn’t feel very friendly I just had to turn around and leave.

Not sure what the point is in advertising it as a “must see” since it’s not for the average tourist at all.

Oh, well 🙂

A kind of funny thing to mention is how the men dress here (no offence to anyone); they wear these cloths around their waists, it looks like a towel almost, I have never seen that before.

The women dress very traditionally here as everywhere else in India that I have seen but the men seem to vary a bit in what clothes they wear, like this cloth-thing 🙂

Some of them are longer but most of them are short. In this video below you can spot a couple of men wearing them:

Click Here.

Museums and zoo in Trivandrum
Museums and zoo in Trivandrum. The cost is ridiculously low for both the museums and taking the local buses (Rickshaws cost about 50 rs per 5-6 km).
Trivandrum Kerala to Munnar
Next journey is from Trivandrum to Munnar (both belong to Kerala). It takes about 8 hours to get there.

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  1. Ok! 🙂

    Another thing about Trivandrum that I forgot to mention in the post is that it’s a bit difficult to find good places to eat here.

    There’s a lot of restaurants but most of them I feel have a questionable hygiene so I avoid them.

    If anyone have any suggestions where to eat then please share below in comments as it can help others that are visiting Trivandrum too.

    And please only share your own personal experiences and not what you have read in tourist guide books! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing G, maybe those articles are interesting for some to read, I just quickly skimmed through them.

    A request; maybe next time you could just post the condensed nutshell version in your own words, I prefer those over links to articles, and then, if it catches my interest I can Google for more information myself.

    I’d appreciate that 🙂

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