The true calling of your life and how to find it (2/2)

This is PART 2/2 in this article series. The first part can be found here:

“The true calling of your life and how to find it 1/2”

Some people have one thing they love doing or feel called to do and share, others has many.

Things that comes naturally for them. 

We’re all good at something, and not only one thing but several things in different areas of life.

What comes naturally for you? 

We have been brainwashed into thinking that there is ONE thing that we’re suppose to do with life, and that one thing is what many people are looking for. 

The brainwashing question that most of us heard when we were small was “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

To a child that implies that you have to be or do one thing, that there is one single thing that is what you’re suppose to do with your life.

As if there was only one purpose or calling for our lives. 

This belief only leads to a frantic seeking of that one calling instead of simply responding to the calling of the moment (where our whole life is).

What a pressure to put on children to ask a question like that if you think about it.

What it does is that they feel that they have to know and give an answer to the question.

A better question in my opinion is to ask something in the lines of:

“Tell me about all the awesome things you want to do in your life” and then listen to them as they speak from their hearts. 

Not from their minds, but from their hearts.

That way you will get a sense of what their natural inclinations and interests are and help them develop those things as they grow older. 

Live and Love now. There is no one thing you should do with your life.

“The one true calling”, “the one true love” etc that some believe in doesn’t exist other than what is in this moment.

What is the “one true thing” you can do today that you feel compelled or naturally inclined to do?

Some people get so caught up in the search for that One Big Purpose that they think will give their life meaning that they ignore the guidance in this moment.

For example; I did not know that I would be writing this article series, but right now it’s my calling.

There was a calling in you to contact me via “Ask Maria”, and then I felt the call to respond to your article request.

That’s basically all that happened. There was a calling in both of us, and each of us responded to that, freely and naturally. 

You by following your inner guidance, and me following mine when I wrote this for you.

We could both have ignored the calling of the moment and none of this would have happened.

There was no struggle involved, just a simple “yes” from both of us.

What happens with this article after I’ve published it is none of my business in the sense that I don’t know if you will even like it.

I have no clue if you will do any of the things I’ve suggested, or what happens with the thousands of other people who will read this, what they will take from it, and so on.

But it always leads to something (all things do) that is beyond what we chose to do in our little part of the universe.

It’s all interconnected.

You did your part, and what you did affects many more people than just you (since thousands of people will read this and some of them will find it useful in terms of finding their calling).

I’m doing my part in the big tapestry of life, which at the moment is to write this article (because I feel called to do it), and then what transpires from it when I publish it, I have no clue whatsoever.

The article has its own purpose which is not something I can control.

I know that the right people will find it (or it will find them) and they will benefit from it. 

I don’t have to seek out the “right people” or try to convince anyone to become “the right people/person” by pushing my articles on them.

And I don’t have to put up an image that is alluring and attractive to the ego so that people are manipulated into reading my article(s).

(Like appearing really “spiritual” and mystical etc). 

See what I mean?

There is simply the calling (=”write an article”), the taking action part (=where I actually write it), and then the releasing of the calling so that It in turn can do Its calling/fulfill Its purpose. 

I could control it more if I let my ego in but then I would have an ego-based audience/clientele, and I’m not interested in that.

My work speaks to a completely different part in a person, and not all people are ready for that. 

I know that my articles sometimes ruffle some people feathers, I know they rock some boats quite heavily sometimes, but I have no problems with that.

There was a reason for the person to find me, and that was the part I wrote to, and then if the persons ego is still too strong and they shun away from my website, that makes no difference to me.

I’m still not going to serve their ego, or anybody else’s for that matter, ever. 

I serve the Truth within you, the part of you that wants to awaken. 

My aim with my work is transformation.

If I had done what I do just to get money (or for some other kind of personal gain) I would definitely control my writing more and make it more ego-friendly so that others (or their ego) would like me more.

But that’s not my thing. And that’s not your thing either. 

A true calling is when the ego is not the one who directs the flow.

Sometimes it takes courage to respond to the calling of the moment.

There are times when we’re asked to do something that is a bit uncomfortable, or we feel vulnerable and outside of our comfort zone.

Maybe there was a moment of hesitation before you clicked “submit” on the email you sent me but then you clicked it anyway.

I don’t know.

Maybe you pushed it eagerly and with no hesitation at all, maybe it was quite natural for you to simply follow the call within you that said “hey, write to Maria”, and so you did. 

And then we have someone else out there who is reading this right now who has been thinking of using “Ask Maria” or booking a private session with me, but they have still not taken the step to actually do it.

See where I’m going with this?

It’s about responding to the call and then from that something else always unfolds, something new that is in alignment with the flow of your (true) life.

Those who follow it experience flow in their life, and those who doesn’t follow it experience stagnation and stuckness. 

In the process of following the calling of the moment, everyone’s’ life improves/changes, not just yours but all the people around you will also be affected by it as well.

So in essence it’s a win-win for all involved to follow the flow of your inner truth and the Truth of the moment.  

Moving on;

A calling doesn’t have to be something big, some grand and outstanding “big life purpose” type of thing.

Usually it isn’t in the beginning as I shared with you in part 1/2 where I described how my membership site came to be.

It’s not like there’s a God that suddenly flows down to you and opens up the heavens and reveals some great plan to you.

People expect a calling or purpose to be something big and impressive, but in reality what happens is that you almost stumble upon it if you pay attention.

It can sometimes happens almost by accident, that something just ‘happens’ and we’re suddenly in the midst of it doing it and we’re like “how did this happen?”.

A calling can be heard when we get still. 

Usually when we get quiet enough and pay attention to what wants to come through us instead of trying to make something happen, that’s when a calling becomes clear. 

It happens when we put the ego aside and listen within and allow ourselves to be driven from there and not from the outside.

The pressure from the outside can be intense.

It’s no wonder to me why most people live lives that are lesser than what they could potentially have and enjoy. 

You have to be dedicated and committed to your (true) path because there will be obstacles and you will have to learn to deal with being ignored, rejected and even ridiculed.

But the biggest reason most people give up too early is because they don’t make money right away.

To be committed to your calling is to be willing to be broke and even poor for a while (sometimes a long while!) before things start to improve.

To do what you’re called to do sometimes means you have to be willing to be without (without money, friends, support etc) for longer periods of time before something starts to happen and people start to notice you.

But let’s talk about quietness a little bit more because this is so important.

There’s two kinds of quietness. One is self-chosen, the other one is imposed upon us.

The self-chosen stillness is challenging for some, and for those people the imposed quietness is even more difficult. 

Some find it difficult to be alone with themselves with no distractions or entertainment around them 24/7, so to ask them to take a day offline and spend it in nature is a huge thing for them.

For others it comes naturally and they know the value of it so it’s a given that they take days off now and then and spend some time alone. 

The imposed quietness is a different game altogether.

Those are the periods where nothing is happening, nothing is working, nothing is moving.

All you hear is crickets chirping (if even that). 

This imposed period of quietness can be alarming and you start to doubt and think that maybe they’re on a completely wrong path.

This in turn can lead a person to fear and worry about the future and that in turn leads to frantic ‘doing’ (trying to “fix” the situation) that is completely ego based.

That’s why it’s important to know that the quietness is normal and that nothing is going wrong.

So instead of turning away from it (by taking ego-based action) you turn towards it and you become even more still.

There’s a cycle to how life unfolds and there’s periods of both activity and productivity, and then complete silence and quietness. 

The flow goes like this:

  • You are given the goals; Life gives them to you by asking (calling) you to do something.
  • You take action on them and tick them off your to-do list one by one until you’ve done everything.
  • Then a quite period follows. It can be a short one, or it can last for a longer period of time.

This is when Life/the universe is working on your behalf.

In this phase you need to learn to relax and enjoy it, and it can only be done if you move, live and have your being in a place of trust.

So trust needs to be developed too (until even trust becomes unnecessary).

It’s part of the grand plan for your life! 🙂

To learn to put your ego fears aside and instead put all your trust in your path.

Then again one day you wake up in the morning, or an idea pops into your head suddenly when you least expect it and boom! Life shows you the next step and you’re back into action (and you love it!).

Again you’re given the goals (the next steps) by being called to do something, and then you take action again, and so the cycle (flow of your true life) unfolds.

The quiet phase is very difficult for many people and some think that there’s something wrong so they start to panic and doubt themselves. 

On top of that they might have a spouse stressing them too with questions like “why are you not making any money yet?” and “you should be making money already!” etc.

Blessed are those with supportive friends and family members but they are unfortunately too few for most people. 

So you need to be rooted in your conviction of the rightness of your actions and periods of non-action despite of what others say or don’t say or give you.

You have to continue believing and trusting in your path even at times when you’re in a place where you have no clue about what the next steps will be. 

If you don’t continue staying true to and believing in the Truth within you, you’re screwed.

It’s the only thing that will bring you through to the other side, so stay with it (“be still and know”) and continue trusting it.

Let’s get back to the Now, to what you can do today. 

Simply start doing the one thing that you feel called to do today (forget about the One Big Goal) and then do it.

That will then lead to the next step, and the next after that, and so on.

But it’s not like you’re on your way somewhere, it’s not that kind of a goal (but it could be, there’s nothing wrong with goals or planning, they have a place in life too).

What I mean is that you’re in the center of your life-calling in this precise moment, and you’re always there (here).

You’re already in the midst of your calling.

And when you put your awareness here (into this moment), things will start to unfold and happen for you that are in alignment with that which is true for you.

Not because you looked for a calling and found it, but because you simply chose to follow the thread (of Truth) that Life lays before you in each moment of your life.

When you follow the flow of Truth you simply do the next obvious thing.

You can also choose to listen to the ego and respond to whatever It lays before you as well, and follow its flow for your life (which most people do). 

Everything is consciousness and it’s constantly moving. 

So ask yourself what seems to make most sense to do, what actions feels obvious to take?

What seems and feels right/has a ‘rightness’ about them?

Do those things. 

Sometimes it’s something small, and sometimes it something big that requires a lot of courage and trust.

Many people wait for their calling because they think it has to be something big so they ignore the smaller simpler stuff (which are the ones that always reveals to you and guides you forward to the next step!).

Simple things such as “write a poem”, “try a new recipe today”, “sell the baby clothes on eBay”, “read this book”, “talk with that person”, etc.

They think it has to be something really big, that a chorus of angels or band of trumpets comes and announces to them that “This, my heavenly child, is your Big Purpose and calling in life!” Tadaa!

It’s not like that obviously 🙂 It’s way simpler than that. 

Just do whatever you feel you would enjoy doing and see what happens.

Try different things, be curios and open and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

And don’t wait.

Life is actually waiting for you while you’re navel-gazing about the big stuff.

Kidding, but you see my point 🙂

Just do the little thing. There are signs all around you.

What seems to be calling for your attention?

You can also use the power of intention.

Start your days with the intent to be true to yourself and true to the Truth of the moment.

That way the callings of the day will always be available for you to see and understand.

Follow your own inner truth and the Truth of the moment and things will start to unfold from there.

And if you’re in a really confusing place where you literally have no idea about anything, take a few days off.

We live in a society that does not value silence, only action.

It doesn’t support “not knowing” or ‘not doing’ and “just being”, but silence is where more people should go on a regular basis.

That’s where the true callings come from.

It’s incredibly productive to take time to be alone with yourself, with your thoughts and spend time in nature and quietness.

The purpose of life, or your calling, never arrives fully formed.

It arrives in pieces and then each piece builds on the next.

So go to that quiet place inside you that knows the Truth and you will receive the next piece in the puzzle of your life. 

And I’m not implying that you (the reader who sent me the question) are looking for something grand and glamorous (not that that would be wrong if you were).

I’m not assuming that you or anyone else can relate to every single thing that I write in response to “Ask Maria” questions.

Yes, this article is for you, but it’s also for every other reader that ever comes to read it.

I like tackling things from several angles and I always try to look at each topic I write about in different ways so that other people in similar situations can relate to what I share as well.

My Ask Maria articles are not just for the person I’m writing it for, it’s for all people that reads it, so I try to look at the situations from other perspectives a well.

So, all in all, what I can say to anyone reading this article is this:

Enjoy the moment and build from there.

How we respond to the moments of our lives affects the direction of where we’re going.

Your calling finds you when you’re open and curious and willing to listen to what Life is trying to tell you on a daily basis.

When you respond to the calling of your life, whatever it is calling you to do today, and when you would rather fail doing whatever is asked of you than succeed doing anything else, that’s when you have found your true calling.

It has nothing to do with where you’re going (an “end goal”) or what it will get you, but with how you respond to the calling of the moment, and why you’re doing it.  

Hope this article series was helpful to you. Feel very welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.

This goes for anyone reading this or any other article that I have written.

As I mentioned before; they are not just for the person who sent in the question.

It’s for you too, and if something speaks to you and you want to say something, then please do.

Your comments are always welcomed. 

Part 1/2 of this article series can be found here:

“The true calling of your life and how to find it (1/2)”

everything is connected
Consciousness flows, it’s in a constant movement. In what direction it goes depends on our response to the moments of our life.


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