Do What Feels Right (Trust Your Gut!)

Anybody who listens to their intuition risk at times making other people disappointed or even angry because you’re not tending to what they want from you but instead to what feels right for you.

A couple of days ago or so I went and had a meeting with a woman who was interested in having me looking after her pets and house while she was going away but after had met her my gut-feeling told me not to do it so I trusted it.

There were several things I noticed while there that just didn’t feel right so the day after our meeting I told her (kindly) in an email that I won’t be able to help her after all and her response to me was rather defensive and agitated.

I explained to her that I always trust my instincts but that that doesn’t have to mean that there’s something wrong or bad about her.

It simply mean that my gut-feeling says “don’t go” and I choose to listen to it because I know I can always trust it and it never fails me.

This is how I live my life and I’m very intuitive.

But doing this obviously means that you will at times not make yourself very popular among other people and sometimes they can even get pissed off and angry at you.

Trust Your Gut Feeling Anyway!

Today when I read a newsletter that I’m subscribing to where you can communicate with people living in the area where I’m currently located I saw that she had put an ad there saying she was looking for a house and pet sitter, mentioning that I “had let her down”.

I began to write a response to the ad so it could be posted in tomorrow’s newsletter since I felt that I had to kind of clear my name so that there are no misunderstandings about my character.

But after had started writing a few sentences I decided not to get into any discussions after all since I know the whole thing will backfire on her anyway and so I deleted it.

Because ultimately, what will happen if people ask her what I did in order to “let her down” she will have to respond with something like “well, she decided to listen to her intuition”.

That’s exactly what happened, plain and simple, nothing more dramatic than that and I was never anything but kind and respectful towards her.

The whole thing will backfire on her because who in their right mind would after had heard that think that that’s a horrible thing to do?

“Oh, my God, she did WHAT?? She followed what felt right for her? OMG, that’s awful, how could she?!”.

I mean it’s just silly, anyone can see that.

How You React To Life’s Happenings Is Your Choice

How a person reacts to someone else’s decision is entirely their own responsibility and choice and sometimes it pisses people off when you don’t do the things they want you to do.

But wouldn’t you agree or at least feel on some level that a person who is true to themselves is a person who can be trusted?

People just know this instinctively and there’s nothing I personally respect more in people than when they dare to be authentic and real regardless of what others might think of them.

The right choice always feels ‘right’, and the wrong choice always feels ‘wrong’, it’s a very simple formula to live by.

It’s not rocket-science, it’s about trusting your instincts, sometimes without knowing ‘why’ other than you’re just not feeling good or right about something.

Then Don’t Go There – Trust Yourself

And again, this doesn’t mean there must be something wrong with the other, it just means that for some reason or other you are not a good match to one another and should therefor not get involved.

This goes for any relationship or encounter whether it’s of romantic nature, or in business, or with a neighbor, or whoever it may be in whatever kind of situation;

If it’s not feeling right, don’t do it.

Hope me sharing my little story could inspire you to make the right choice about something in your own life that maybe doesn’t feel right.

It’s easy to get back in the flow with yourself again (and always stay there!) simply by obeying the still, small voice within you that always tells you the truth.

Listen to it, trust it, honor it.

It will not let you down, ever, and the more you listen to it the clearer it speaks to you and the stronger it becomes, and with that more and more joy, happiness, and inner peace follows 🙂

trust your gut
Trust your gut and follow what’s in your heart.


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