Trust the flow of Life

Trust your path and the Unknown

Life will not take you this far and then suddenly abandon you!

“Hi Maria,

I just got your email that the Ask Maria option is available for everyone now, so I would be grateful if you could help me with some advice.

I have been on the spiritual path for years, last two years intensively working on myself, on healing, going through awakening. Had the need to just focus on myself, be alone and heal from trauma, do spiritual work.

I’ve been on welfare the whole time, because I can’t imagine doing something that does not resonate with me, and that is a 9 to 5 job. I feel pain just by thinking about it.

And I had a difficult awakening process so it was not possible, and it’s still like that. I feel that my calling is something like what you do.

I have a court process about an apartment from my husband who died, and a few days ago my lawyer told me that I will have to move out. I’m in so much agonizing fear and pain since then, that I can’t describe.

It feels like I can’t take it anymore. And I know that there is some solution deep down, that it will be ok, but I can’t see it from fear and pain. I am tired of suffering. The worst thoughts are coming to my mind and I can’t stop it.

I feel completely alone and hopeless. I have intense fear about money in general.

Don’t know what to do, where to go. I just want to be happy and free, and do what I love and what I am here to do.

I read in some of your articles that you had a similar experience. Can you please help me with some advice, how to handle this? And how to approach this situation? How to shift this?

I know that I have created this somehow. And I would be grateful if you could share some advice about how did you start doing what you love.

And how to trust, how to ask for guidance. I don’t know what to do in this moment. Fear is overwhelming, and it’s hard for me to change focus, to see something positive.

Thank you in advance and thank you for your work, it is really helpful to me.”

Life is on your side, trust that.

Thank you for sharing from your life, I know the stress and agony you’re in the midst of, and I also know the way out of it, so let’s begin.

You wrote:

“I feel that my calling is something like what you do.”

Whatever it is that you want to do is something you have to grow into, so think about what exactly it is that you want.

What do you want?

Make a list of exactly what it is that you want and how you would love to have your life to look like, and be as specific as you can be.

Your purpose, or a bigger life, is something you grow into, you evolve into becoming that person having that kind of life, but first you have to have some kind of idea of what that would look like.

You have to become the person you want to be (and you can be that person Right Now, in your mind), and then from being That person, then you can help, lead, and guide others in whatever way it is that you feel called to do that.

All that is between you and That person is a shift in consciousness.

So what’s happening right now in your life is the training ground for what it is that you are growing (or awakening) into, which is the true you, the you that lives in an empowered state.

And that’s what you have been doing with all the inner work, so that’s great, it is all helping you evolve and awaken to the the real you, so you’re on the right path, doing the right things, so trust that!

The small self on the other hand is scared and worried, so the next step for you is to work on your concept of self, and to align with your true nature and self instead.

The ego is the one who is scared, fearful, worried, panicky, and all that, but that’s not who you are.

Here’s one of my old Teleclasses that came to mind that can be helpful to you:

How To Detach From The False Self” (30 min.)

When you have written down what you want to do and you have some clarity on that, then the next step is to start moving in that direction.

If you want to do something similar to what I’m doing, then what would be the next obvious step for you to take, starting right now, today?

It can be a huge step, or it can be a small step, but it has to be some kind of step, so what would be the next obvious thing for you to do once you have some clarity around what it is that you want to do in terms of future work?

Here’s one of my older e-books that can be helpful to you (it’s free):

CLARITY EXERCISE – With Over 30 Powerful Questions That Will Help You Gain Clarity” (27 pages)

When I lived on welfare and was going through my awakening process I too was scared, and I also worked on myself pretty much 24/7, and fear was one of the things I had to do massive inner work on (and especially around money).

I lived and breathed my transformational/spiritual process, and at the same time I was also building on my dreams and calling, so if you want to do something similar to what I do, then what would be the next obvious step for you to take?

What seems obvious?

Do that, that’s really all you have to focus on (ever); The Next Obvious Step.

I started a blog for example, and then I built my website, I did all that simultaneously with all the other stuff I was in the midst of, such as being on welfare, applying for jobs I knew I didn’t even want, and so on.

So the most important thing is to get some kind of clarity on what it is that you actually want to do, and then simply do the next obvious thing that feels right, is interesting, or brings you joy, and so on.

That’s the secret to a life of freedom and fulfillment in a nutshell!

Begin now, with whatever you have, do what you can (with joy/passion) what you feel guided to do, and then the next step is always shown to you.

I now remember that I actually created the Clarity e-book at the same time when I was living on welfare and was going through my awakening process, so that’s a perfect example of what you can do even if you’re going through something challenging.

You can do something like that too, whatever it may be that you are passionate about or feel called to do.

It could be to start a YouTube channel or write a book, learn healing or start a blog or a Podcast, or whatever it may be that you would like to do and that would bring you joy.

So to recap:

1.) Get clarity on what it is that you want to do. It doesn’t have to be crystal-clear, but you do need to get some kind of clarity around your dreams and desires, and what it is that you feel called to do etc.

2.) Then think of the next three obvious things you can do to start moving in the direction of those dreams, or the calling that you have for your life, and then do it, start doing the things right away, one step at a time.

I also invite you to read this article on aloneness, and specifically THIS comment can be helpful to you as well.

You wrote:

“I have a court process about an apartment from my husband who died, and a few days ago my lawyer told me that I will have to move out. I’m in so much agonizing fear and pain since then, that I can’t describe.

It feels like I can’t take it anymore. And I know that there is some solution deep down, that it will be ok, but I can’t see it from fear and pain. I am tired of suffering. The worst thoughts are coming to my mind and I can’t stop it.”

So Life is moving you to somewhere else because the time has come for that.

If it’s already decided for by Court and there is no way you can stay, then there is nothing more to do than to accept that and start looking for another place.

I once lost my home too, and I tried to hold on to it until it no longer was possible, but eventually the day came when I had to move out.

Here’s an article where I share my story about that:

Remembering Last Christmas (Personal)” (It’s old, from my ‘previous’ life)

But the holding on to it was also part of the process!

I had to go through it the way I did, so it all unfolded and happened exactly as it was meant to happen, exactly as it was meant to, so that’s what I want to say to you too.

Whatever happens is meant to happen, so don’t be scared.

I’m speaking from my own experience so I’m not just telling you this to sooth you.

(And just because I became homeless doesn’t mean that you will have the same experiences that I had! We all have different paths and purposes in life that are perfectly designed and unique for us.)

I know what it’s like to live with the kind of fear you’re experiencing, and I also know that there was never anything to fear, because there is a Divine perfection to how everything unfolds.

Something will open up for you.

You might suddenly get a new job, or someone might offer you a place to live that you could never have expected, predicted, or even imagined, – Many things can happen that are just beyond incredible!

Here’s another one of my articles where I share about when I was given a hotel (!) all to myself when I was homeless, and where I ended up staying many times, a couple of whole summers even, which was just soo amazing, something I could never had imagined in a million years would happen:

Sometimes Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

I have been given free apartments too, I’ve even lived in a huge house/small mansion once where I had my own pool guy, gardeners, and a cleaning lady – all for free!

So trust your path, because if you’re on your True Path, which I have no doubt you are, then Life will always take care of you.

If you are meant to move, you will, and if you’re not, you won’t, so offer no resistance.

The small self can never see beyond the known, that’s why it’s so afraid and scared.

Surrender everything into the flow, into the hands of God, your higher self, or whatever you want to call it, and trust.

Here’s something that can help you with that:

Surrender, and give yourself over to the flow” [VIDEO]

You wrote:

“I have intense fear about money in general.”

I have had that too, so I know exactly how you feel.

In my case I had to lose all my money in order to realize that security and freedom does not come from money, it comes from within, and when you have it within you, it shows up on the outside too.

Money will start to flow when you feel secure and happy within yourself without it, when you no longer ‘need’ it in order to feel secure and safe.

When I lost my home I had 9 Euros to my name, that was all I had left, but that was exactly what I had to experience and go through in order to come to a place of true freedom.

I also did intense work on my money consciousness, I dissected and released every false belief I had about money, I did a lot of inner work around those kinds of things (and I can help you with that too.)

Life is what your state of consciousness is, so if you want a different life and reality, then releasing false beliefs and fears is part of the process.

The fear was so intense at times, but if you want freedom more than anything else, then you just have to do the inner work, simple as that, and having that kind of attitude is actually very empowering when you think about it.

Then there’s no ifs and buts about any of it; you will simply not let anything stop or hinder you from living the life that you’re meant to live, come hell or high fire.

So you have to mean business and be absolutely relentless about it.

Here’s a link to some of my articles that can help you with that:


And here’s a couple of articles that will help you as well:

What you believe is limiting you is not real (How to Set Yourself Free)

What’s between you and a better life is merely a BELIEF

I also had to learn to trust and to be totally okay with not knowing where I would live; there were many times I didn’t know where I would live from week to week when I didn’t have a home of my own.

But at that point I had already come to trust my path and done so much inner work already that I wasn’t scared or worried at all anymore.

Being homeless and living one week here, two months there, and then a few weeks there, never knowing where I would be or go next and so on, helped me overcome all the fears I had around money too, so you see how everything was perfectly designed for me to do just that!

Just like your life experiences are perfectly designed to whatever it is that you are meant to grow into and awaken from.

You have to trust.

I was at one point also offered an apartment where I could move and live for free (and make it into my home), it was a beautiful duplex, right by the beach, and everything about it was just amazing, but something felt off with it, I felt an internal “no”, so I turned it down, without even knowing where I would live the next week.

Then right after I had turned it down (and it was hard! But I trusted my internal No);

Out of the blue came an offer to stay in the most beautiful house where I had my own pool and a huge, beautiful garden, all very private and secluded, and I could stay there over the whole summer (and more later on)!

Absolutely amazing!

So I moved there and to this day it’s the best place I have ever lived in my entire life (and I have moved over 40 times) – I loved it so much! It was like paradise to me.

So I can tell you with absolute confidence that you can trust the flow of your life.

Everything that happens right now is there to support your awakening, it’s there to help you grow and become who you are destined to be, and you can trust where the flow takes you, because it knows everything about you and where you’re going.

Your job is to trust the guidance you receive, trust your intuition and be true to yourself and It will show you the way to your most beautiful and fulfilling life.

Question to ask yourself:

“If all this that I’m going through right now and experiencing, if it was all happening for a higher purpose, what would that be?”

What would the higher purpose be?

The answer(s) will shed some more light into why you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing right now.

It will help you shift your perception about it (you will be able to see it from a higher perspective), and it will empower you to move forwards despite of any challenges you’re experiencing right now.

Lastly, here’s an exercise you can do on releasing your fears around money and any other fears you might have:

Stalk Your Fear

There’s a second part of this article coming soon, it will be published shortly, so stay tuned.

Until then, do the things I have suggested so that you can come back to Truth, to a place of alignment, clarity, and inner peace.

Part two (“Free yourself from any situation with these prayers – How to be Happy and Free”) has now been published, and you can read it HERE .

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Could not more highly recommend

Maria is the real deal. You will sense it the moment you lay eyes on her. She offered much, much more than I’ve derived from other teachers; highly specific and personal recommendations. It is as though I got a crash graduate course from spirit. Could not more highly recommend!

Catherine Rondeau, Westport, Connecticut, USA

Maria is leading people to a new way of being

Maria is changing the world by her presence. She’s leading people to a new way of being. She’s able to see where you are at in your journey and can show you the way forward. I feel so incredibly grateful that she has been a companion during this time of change. If you feel drawn to connect with Maria I encourage you to move forward with confidence.

– Carolyn W. Asheville, NC, USA

I have never felt more aligned to my true self

Maria’s awareness of energies and the conditions of the mind are truly impressive. She knows exactly what’s going on. She is so attuned to other peoples’ energy that she just knows where you’re at. After working with her I have never felt more alive and aligned to my true self.

Andrew B, San Diego, CA, USA

The whole session felt as if it was operating on another level

If you can trust one thing in your life right now, trust Maria. You can trust her with your heart and soul. It’s hard to explain, the whole session felt as if it was operating on another level. I’ve never had that kind of experience before. It just felt so much bigger than I anticipated. I can tell you with absolute honesty and conviction that having a session with Maria is life-changing!

– Lisa, USA

This journey with you has been amazing

Words cannot fully express the profound impact of my session with you – it has been nothing short of magical. You helped me remove the blockages that held me back, helped me recognize my true worth, and providing so much insight that has been truly life-changing!

— Sarah K.

I’ve never had a conversation like that before

I just wanted to say thank you so much again for our session yesterday, I’ve never had a conversation like that before and it was truly amazing. I could feel weight lifted as we were talking and for the first time my mind did not try to make sense of things, it was all truly felt in the heart space.

Val, Melbourne, Australia

Now I know what is creating my reality

I’m overflowing with gratitude and joy! Life has changed dramatically for me after our time together. I have truly realized on a fundamental level what is creating my reality and it has given me confidence for the first time in my life to finally be ME, I feel liberated to be my authentic self!

— J. Carlson

I had a complete turnaround to my situation

I had a complete turnaround to my situation so many thanks for helping me transform something I had lost hope about. It’s a miracle and the outcome could not have turned out better! If you want to see a real shift not just psychological but spiritual shift, then Maria is the lady to see. I am so glad I found you!

– Sophie P

The feeling of peace and freedom is priceless

This feeling of peace and freedom is priceless. Maria is beyond amazing. Had I not experienced it myself, I would probably not believe it. I recommend anyone who is trying hard to be truly free and really start walking down the path of self fulfillment and happiness to book a session with her.

You have really made a difference in how my mind works

I don’t know if I make sense, but all I can say is that I feel blissful. And I can’t thank you enough for that. I don’t know exactly how you managed this, but you have really made a difference in how my mind works.

– Silvia, Marbella, Spain

Something happened within me that I cannot explain

During and after our session, something happened within me that I cannot explain nor would it even make sense to anyone. There was a part of me that felt my being been taken over by a real peacefulness that I’ve never encountered before. Sounds odd but it’s the truth.

– A.

You are truly a gift to us all!

I can’t even begin to express how much I have gained internally after my session with you. You have been an instrument of peace in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Owen, USA

Beyond grateful for the transformational journey we shared

Maria, I am beyond grateful for the transformational journey we shared. it was nothing less than a miracle that has allowed me come into who I really am. I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face, feeling immense gratitude for just being alive, I can’t explain it, I´m just enjoying this fully. Your guidance has so profoundly changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough.

— R. Los Angeles, USA


  1. Rei

    I will do everything that you suggested, thank you so much 💓

    I have YouTube channel, and I write a lot for myself. I was planning to start a blog. I just feel like I need to share what I know and maybe inspire someone. But I did not have the courage to publish my work yet.

    I felt like I am not ready, and like it is not good enough, that I have to work on myself more first etc.

    I would like to do energy healing on animals, I have gone trough training for that, and developed gifts on my path of awakening. And I would love to paint, and do intuitive art and paintings, play with that. And I would like to have freedom with my time to grow and study, do what I love and take care of myself.

    The main reason I did not do any of it yet is because I just could not relax around topic of money.

    As soon as I relax a little bit something happens, and I go in panic mode about money, and all my attention goes in thinking about ways to get money, thinking about jobs that I don’t even want, and thinking about surviving. And I am tired of that.

    I feel like I can’t live from that what I want to do in my country, and I need to change that belief, that I can’t live and make money doing the things I love. That I have to suffer somehow to have money. I feel that if I had my basic needs met I could thrive.

    About the apartment, I will fight for it, try to come to agreement with other person. That is in process. I don’t know what to do in this moment and where to focus. My mind is everywhere, in one moment in panic and tells me to get any kind of job, in another that everything will be ok.

    So it’s hard to recognize what my inner being is saying. I just feel tired. I have two bunnies that are my best friends and they are my light.

    I am trying to let fear and pain go trough me, but when I let myself feel it, I feel worse. I do that because I think that maybe this situation is triggered old fears and pain and if I process it instead of distract myself from it that it will heal forever.

    Or maybe it is not good to go in to it and I should try to feel better? I don’t know am I doing the right thing. What do you think?

  2. Hello Rei,

    I will reply more in a day or two, but until then, I think you need to just surrender the whole thing (and yourself) to the Divine.

    Here’s some articles that will help you with that:

    Hold the vision of you keeping your apartment and I hold the vision for you as well.

    Expect miracles and magic to happen! All things are possible!

    We’ll talk more soon, OK?

    Remember, hold the vision. I’ll do it with you. 🦋

    (And surrender to and keep yourself aligned with the Divine!)

  3. Rei

    Thank you Maria so much, and thank you for the article and links, it is so helpful 💓

  4. Hello again Rei,

    The small ego self will always tell you that you’re not good enough and that you’re not ready, so ignore it, because it’s lying to you.

    You’re already well on your way, so just start sharing without thinking so much about yourself and how will be perceived. Just share! Begin!

    Life is relatively short, so don’t waste any time waiting around for your ego to approve of you, because it never will.

    You (Life has) have obviously been preparing yourself for this (with the animal healing training and inner work etc), and now the the time has come to start getting it out there into the world.

    Same with painting; just start painting, just do it.

    Here’s one of my older articles where I share 9 tools that the ego uses to keep people small:

    So keep cleaning out your mind and consciousness from all the fears you have, around money and so on, and at the same time also continue walking confidently on the path you’re meant to walk by sharing your gifts and focusing on what you’re here to do.

    You’re already on your way, now you just need to expand and take the next step, which is to bring it to the world – and which is also what you want, so don’t wait! – Start today.

    Here’s a post that will help you get guidance on your next steps:

    And here’s another post that I think you will like and find helpful:

  5. How’s things going Rei?

    To reply to your last questions in your previous comment where you wrote:

    “I am trying to let fear and pain go trough me, but when I let myself feel it, I feel worse. I do that because I think that maybe this situation is triggered old fears and pain and if I process it instead of distract myself from it that it will heal forever.

    Or maybe it is not good to go in to it and I should try to feel better? I don’t know am I doing the right thing. What do you think?”

    Yes, the feelings can intensify for a moment, but they are usually very short-lived and much less scarey than what they want you to think they are.

    Usually the moment you allow yourself to feel them and you surrender to the healing process, they dissolve and lose their power over you.

    So yes, definitely sit with them (don’t avoid anything), work through them, and don’t distract yourself – it’s important to get the old stuff out and ‘healed’, so that you can move forward fully in your life and not be held back by fear and worry and old pains etc.

  6. Rei

    Thank you Maria, fear is still intense, but I am finding ways to be grateful. And I started plans to offer agreement for apartment, looking for right lawyer and all, so it was stressful.

    Feel like I need to think about it to find solutions. So if I think abput every possible scenario that I can choose the right way.

    Also about the lawyer I have, my body is telling me to find new one, like really bad feeling if I stay, but my mind is tellling me that it’s not good idea and that I have to stay. Thought of finding new one feels good.

    But I don’t know how will I pay him so that’s why I can’t decide. And it’s urgent and don’t know what to do.

    Should I take leap of fate, trust that I will make agreement, take new lawyer and know that everything will be as I want it to be, or should I stay with this one out of fear?

    I feel that no matter how it seems at the moment, that all of this is leading me to what I want. To be free of court processes and have my own home. I’m trying not to judge the situation, this is a test, just as you said it.

  7. OK, so do this right now Rei, don’t wait.

    Find a place where you can sit and be undisturbed with yourself and that which you call God.

    Take a few deep breaths and connect with the Divine. Ask it to come and be with you and have a conversation and communication with you.

    Invite it in. Invite in all the angels, spirit guides or whatever else that resonates with you too, don’t hold back, because all of Life’s help is available to you.

    Say that you want its help and guidance and that you are hereby fully inviting it into your life and into all your affairs.

    Put your hands on your heart and say out loud: “I want your help with this, I give you full permission to help me with all this, harmoniously, in Your perfect ways”, and really feel the sincerity and truth in that.

    When you’re ready, begin asking the question I’m going to share with you.

    Take your time and sit with it for a while with your eyes closed (it helps you connect inwardly).

    Ask the question and then listen.

    You might or you might not get answers right away, but sometimes you do, sometimes it comes to you immediately.

    But if not, then ‘leave’ the question with God, knowing that when you are meant to receive the answer and/or solution, you will.

    Don’t try to ‘find’ the answers, but ‘allow’ them to come to you, allow them to surface and rise to your conscious awareness.

    Remember, you don’t have to figure anything out, only ask and then listen.

    This is very important for you to know; you’re not doing this in order to ‘figure it out’, but to receive the answers and solutions that are the most right for you, by Divine Right and Will.

    Here’s the question I invite you to ask:

    “How do you want this to go, God?”

    “I’m inviting you, God/Divine/Universe, to be with me now and to hear me and communicate back to me everything I need to know and that is good for me to know. Be here with me now. Let me feel your presence. Thank you.”

    “What is Your Will in this situation?”

    Communicate from the deepest and most sincere place within yourself and know that by doing this, you will receive the right answers that are right for you.

    Ask from a place of love and take your time with this.

    You might feel all this so deeply that you might cry, and if so, just do that, allow yourself to do this because once you have done it, it is done, you don’t have to ‘ask’ again after this.

    The Divine hears you, so surrender the whole thing to It after you have done this meditation and then you will be shown at the exact right time and in the right way what the right thing is to do moving forwards, so trust that.

    “What are the hunches?”, “What is the guidance I’m receiving?”, “What is the voice of God telling me about this?”, and then listen, and write or scribble down things that come up for you.

    Write what flows to you without editing yourself.

    Remember, you are receiving the answers, so don’t stop and ‘think’ about them as they arise, just let them flow and then after you’ve done with all this, then you can read it through and look more deeply into the answers you received.

    Sit and feel this with all your heart.

    “How do you want this to go, God?”

    And now sit in silence for a while and just listen and be in the moment.

    It’s from a peaceful mind the answers, solutions and insights arise, not from a stressful and worried state of mind.

    Guidance and answers, direction, everything comes from asking the right questions and then just sitting in stillness for a while and listening to what comes up.

    And then, when a clear sign, message, or cue comes, act on it immediately, do not hesitate, but trust your gut and your intuition, even if it’s scary.

    Sometimes things just clears themselves up too (sometimes miraculously), without you having to ‘do’ anything, so trust the ways of the Universe, it knows exactly what needs to happen next and how.

    And while all this is happening in your life with the Court and the apartment everything, it’s very, very important that you keep the conversation going between you and that which you call God at all times.

    Communicate all the time with the Presence and ask it to help you with EVERYTHING, and you will be helped.

    Miracles can happen Rei, so keep trusting and following that which feels most right in your heart!

    Do this meditation exercise right away, and really communicate all your fears and issues etc that are weighing heavy on your heart and then surrender it all to God, to the Divine, and let It take over and help you.

    Every Right solution comes from your connection and alignment with Source, so make that your number one priority and then everything you need will show up for you (that includes money), and the things that are right for you by Divine Will will happen too.

    (And remember that fear-attacks are common too before a breakthrough or a big change of some sort, which you can read more about here:

  8. Rei

    Thank you Maria, i have done what you said, but I was in fear when I was doing it so I don’t know if it was ok. I will do it every day. I am using every moment for clearing my energy and processing. What I can see is that I have more faith, huge amount of fear is left my body that was ready to release. I feel more at peace. Like I am different version of myself comparing with few weeks ago. I was praying for truth before, to be shown who I really am and to be free, free of pain suffering and programming. I guess this is my test and training like you said. Thank you for everything.

  9. I’m so glad to hear that Rei, and don’t worry at all about if you’re doing it right or not. It’s your intention that counts, and God knows your heart so you have absolutely nothing at all to worry about.

    And it doesn’t matter if you do the prayers when you’re in the midst of a fear-attack, that’s actually when you need to do them even more so that the old programming and fears are cleaned out and drowns in the voice of Truth, which is the prayers that you’re saying.

    They are like affirmations of Truth, so you’re absolutely on the right path, so trust that.

    And please also do your best to relax more. It’s important that after you have surrendered and given your burdens over that you then relax.

    You don’t have to ‘do’ anything more really after that.

    Instead do something enjoyable and fun, something that relaxes you and puts a smile on your face.

    This way it’s easier for the universe to help you. You need to get out of your own way so to speak after you have released the burdens to God/the Divine.

    After you have given your troubles over, relax into the knowing that there is a higher power who knows exactly what to do with it, so you don’t have to even think about it anymore.

    Your higher self will let you know when it’s time for you to take some kind of action (and many times things just resolve themselves too without you having to ‘do’ anything), so it’s important to stay in an open and receptive mode, and not in a tense and anxious mode.

    So whenever the fear-pangs comes up again, if they do, then keep saying the prayers/affirmations and they will help you stay aligned with Truth.

    This will all soon be a thing of the past and you will have reached a higher state of consciousness and a higher vibration as well.

    Here’s a mantra that is very helpful that you can use as well that is very powerful in taking you back into alignment with Truth, and increase your inner peace and trust:

  10. Rei

    Thank you Maria, fear is still here, and worry about money. In one moment I am fine, and feel like I trust that everything will be fine, and in other fear comes again. And in that state I don’t see any possibility, I am tired of thinking about money. I just want freedom, joy and ease, live in abundance, do what I love. Live in the state where miracles are possible, without any effort. Living the life I deserve, or not living at all. I am tired of problems, lack, and suffering. This is not life.

  11. At this point I think it’s best to talk in person so I invite you to consider a private session with me Rei.

    That way I can help you shift your money/abundance consciousness and frequency/vibration and we can talk face-to-face about everything else that you’re struggling with as well.

    I would love to help you, so if it resonates with you then please go here to book:

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