Can you handle the Truth? Ask these 4 powerful questions

If you think you can handle the Truth, ask yourself these 4 powerful questions

We already have all the answers within us.

Here are four powerful questions to ask yourself that will reveal the Truth to you about anything in your life, whether it’s about something specific or just generally.

Whatever you want to know you already know.

Simply quiet your mind and start asking these questions one by one until you have received the answers (stay with one question at a time).

Repeat the question one at a time inwardly and then let go and wait.

Become spacious and open in your mind and leave room for the answers to come to you.

When you ask them slowly inwardly with awareness and attentiveness, answers will start to come up, and they will begin streaming fast.

Powerful questions to ask yourself to receive answers and the Truth about things:

For specific answers just add “.. about this”.

And take your time with this, don’t rush through the questions. Really listen inwardly.

If no answer comes right away ask again quietly and until they do (but usually, most of the time the answers comes almost immediately).

It can also be helpful to have a notebook where you scribble down the answers as they come, and then after the meditation you can look at everything more deeply.

Expect many aha- and OM(F)G-moments when the realization of the deeper truths hit you or reaches your conscious awareness!

Ok, here’s the 4 questions:

  • “What do I know instinctively?”
  • “What is my intuition telling me?”

There’s a difference in how intuition feels and how instinct feels and how they speak and communicate to us, and you will feel this as you ask the questions.

  • “What do I already know that I don’t want to know?”
  • “What is the most obvious thing to do next?”

Listen to what comes up and then go do it.

We are always guided to right action when we listen within.

Sometimes our inner guidance tells us to take some kind of action but sometimes it also tells us to stop doing something, or that we step back or away from something until more clarity comes.

Many times the answers are just so plain obvious, we just didn’t want to see the Truth, we were stubbornly resisting some guidance that we already knew, or we were just not open and quiet enough to be able to hear clearly.

This time, listen to the guidance and trust yourself.

Follow your intuition and your instincts.

Because whatever the case is, you already know what to do (we all do), and by asking these questions you become aware of the answers, you become conscious of them.

Asking these questions is like fishing, or drawing, the Truth of anything up to the surface, to your conscious awareness, up from the depths of your deeper mind where all answers already exist.

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  1. Carolyn

    Thank you for this post Maria! The questions are really helpful. “What do I know that I don’t want to know” is especially helpful. Hope you’re having a great week.

  2. Maxime

    I was having some doubts about my awakening and I read “falling back into duality” and then this one. It put me right back in my place, thank you so much for being the voice of my guides today. This is all I need. Much love

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