Truth is non-negotiable (Its promise is Love)

Beautifully ruthless in its ways and you can’t but completely fall in love with it!

There’s a quote I like by Anthony de Mello:

“Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable”

It’s beyond description, and it’s totally and utterly unpredictable and in that knowing and surrendering to it, there’s safety and peace that is beyond this world.

Whenever the ego feels uncomfortable, that’s when great inner work is being done.

The ego senses fear and if we believe the thoughts, it has hooked us.

Discovery of Truth is beyond the fear, and when we can see fear as an indication of something profound that is about to be discovered we become fearless and we look into it instead of following the stream of thoughts. 

Whenever the feeling of the inconvenience of the timing is coming up, in reality there’s great openings to truth that is being revealed, and the resistance is only the ego that can smell the fragrance of Truth coming closer.

The hand of God is not always gently nudging us along – sometimes it pushes us way outside of our comfort zone just to teach us that we can trust it.

This beautiful poem of Teresa of Avila was sent to my inbox this morning by one of my readers:

On Those Words “I am for My Beloved”

Already I gave myself completely,
and have changed in such a way
That my Beloved is for me
and I am for my Beloved.

When the gentle hunter shot me
and left me in all my weakness,
in the arms of love
my soul fell
and being charged with new life
I have changed in such a way
That My Beloved is for me
and I am for my Beloved.

He pierced me with an arrow
laced with the herbs of love
and my soul became one
with her Creator;
I no longer want another love,
since I have given myself to my God,
That My Beloved is for me
and I am for my Beloved.

Truth transforms us on a very fundamental level, words can’t convey the beauty, the profoundness of the processes it brings, the peace and love and the trust in that, words just seem to diminish their greatness when talked about.

I think that Teresa of Avila’s poem is a beautiful description that is a timeless truth and is relevant for all times and for all people, because the Truth is always the same.

It’s non-negotiable (it doesn’t care about the egos’ little attempts to avoid it) and we are all going in the direction of spiritual awakening, and if not in this life-time, then perhaps the next, but none of us can avoid it in infinity (even if the ego does all it can:) – and that is a beautiful promise of Love.

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“… All the excuses the ego makes are designed for the sole reason that you won’t look deeper into the Truth that is already present. (For the ego fulfillment is always in the future)…”:


“… Awareness and curiosity about what’s happening is a really helpful attitude and awareness is always the key to any kind of transformation.

Truth is very simple and also subtle, while at the same time it’s direct in its way, and always immediate, and true compassion is a natural outcome or response, not an imposed way to be or something to aspire to become…”:


“… To be transparent is to be transparent before God, that’s what it means. Not for others, but for the Truth in our hearts.

When we are honoring the truth within ourselves there’s an immediate recognition of the Truth saying “yes, this is it”, because it feels right.

All you know is to be faithful to your heart, and that is enough…”:


“… To follow the heart means you have to let go of the belief that you actually know what’s best for you and what the best route is for you to go…”:

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